Mitch McConnel Playing Politics With America’s Economy

Senator Mitch McConnell has informed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he will not negotiate with him but only with President Obama! This has occurred right after the House pushed an even more extreme bill due to the power of the Tea Party. One has to wonder if Harry Reid were more forceful against his […]

Can Democrats Get In Touch With Their Inner Plebeian

Remember when Democrats were talking about letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich die out instead of repealing them immediately? Now they have morphed into such wimps that they may keep them for the rich for years or permanently! Then again it was in those same early months of the Obama administration that we […]

Republicans Place Party Before Country

Former President George Bush has revealed in his new book that Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell wanted Bush to withdraw troops in 2006 in order to help the Republicans win the Congressional Elections! Then they have the audacity in public to say such decisions should be made by the military! These fellow travelers of Halliburton […]