Mitt Romney And Gingrich On Class Warfare

As you already know Mitt Romney made a stupid remark about the poor. I believe Republicans actually would have loved his remark after the primary! His remarks were a perfect set up for a Richard Nixon “silent majority” strategy that would pit the middle class against the poor. The idea being to alienate middle class […]

Republicans “Outed”: Throw Grand Ma Over The Cliff

Remember when the Republicans and their fellow travellers in the Tea Party where whining about “Death Panels”? Gosh I haven’t seen any, have you? The GOP may have met their Waterloo but the question is do Democrats have a thirst for red meat when they see it? This Progressive Social Democratic blogger wants to go […]

Republican Take Over: Cause For Progressive Joy

Hey it’s not like the Democrats really wanted to be the majority in both Houses of Congress. We could have 250 Senators in a Senate of 100 and the Democrats would still delay so they could hold a prayer vigil to kiss Joe Lieberman’s ass! Hell you would never know they controlled both Houses. What’s […]