Cut And Run Corporations Vacation From Responsibility

If you believe the bleeding hearts for these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS over at FoxNews, our nation is turning into a land of “moochers” where 47% don’t pay federal income tax. Yet they defend these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who ship American jobs overseas. They even believe these moocher corporations and investors  have an “entitlement” to […]

Republicans Whine That Occupy Wall Street Is A Hate Protest

Recently Eric Cantor whined that the #Occupy Wall Street Movement is attempting to sow hate and set Americans against each other! Yes this from the party that thrives on hate and dividing Americans against each other. At the same time Herman Cain attacked the unemployed saying it is their fault. The issue is not simply […]

#Occupy Wall Street Movement Supports Hope

Where the hell is Barrack Obama as the Occupy Wall Street Movement is spreading all over the country? Why doesn’t he address the crowds? Yes I understand that he did make some sympathetic statements. But how about giving the Silent Majority who are behind the Occupy Wall Street movement a visit and talk to them […]

Mama Grizzly Bear Palin Likes Canadian Socialized Medicine

Image via Wikipedia Sarah Palin is trying to steal the iconography of “potency” from Barrack Obama with her metaphor of the “Mama Grizzly”. That nice folksy icon of the Alaskan Independence Party that Sarah Palin loves so much. If Sarah Palin where a liberal then Glenn Beck would bring out the connection between the image […]

President Spock And The Science Of Losing

Let’s see now how can we Democrats go out of our way to loose! Well first we had Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gaining the leadership of the Senate and House then pig headily letting the Republicans just roll over them! We could have refused to fund the war in Iraq but Nancy Pelosi would […]

Massachusetts: Yo Obama It's Your Fault

Americans love “action figures”. George Bush Jr. did not even have a majority when the College of Electors  gave him the presidency in the 2000 election. Gore had the popular vote regardless of Florida. But Bush became an “action figure” when the issue was terrorism. So what he invaded the wrong country, Iraq! Americans love […]

Massachusetts – Charge Of The Castrati Brigade

I disagree with The Huffington Post that a loss in Massachusetts is the loss of Universal Health Care! In fact as a Progressive Social Democrat I welcome it! When I heard the recent predictions I was actually laughing since this is the pathetic  result of fighting the “Party of No” by being the “Party of […]

The Audacity Of Impotence

Following in that great martial tradition laid down by Nancy Pelosi, who had two years control of the House even before Barrack Obama became President but was to impotent to impeach George Bush or defund the war, our new President joins with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in our Democratic Party’s new “Change We Can […]

Separation Of Corporation And State

When is the American middle class going to wake up and demand the separation of corporation and state! We must address this issue before the health care issue. The problems passing real health care reform are mere symptoms of the underlying disease that is infecting the “decision making processes” of our society! That disease is […]

Starter House But Insurance Cartel Owns The Mortgage

This bill is to weak and requires audacity to hope that rates will not skyrocket due to insurance company greed. I am afraid I cannot go along with Senator Harkins analogy that the Senate Bill is a “starter house not a mansion but we have to start somewhere!” I must number myself among the “Democrats […]

Senator Ben Nelson Blue Dog Hypocrite

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is a damned hypocrite who helped kill real Health Care Reform. He whines against both abortion and government “socialism”. That is why he was against the public option! Yet he has jumped on board to give the 60th vote in the Senate in return for unique “Socialist Medicaid” concessions to his state […]

Trial In NYC – Threat To America Or Threat To Dick Cheney?

After hearing all the right wing whining that America is to weak to place the 9-11 terrorists on trial in New York City I have to wonder is it perhaps that they fear Dick Cheney might be called as a witness and if he were not to comply it could jeopardize the conviction of these […]

Right Wing Attacks Obama's Bow To Emperor

While our President is being criticized for bowing to the Japanese Emperor, the mistake might be on the Japanese Emperor’s side in not bowing back. Bowing is a Japanese custom and President Obama was in his country. But bowing can also be from a “commoner” to a monarch and by not bowing back the Emperor […]

Without A Strong Public Option Progressives Should Filibuster

The Health Care Bill with a weak or no Public Option is an exercise in Democratic Party masochism! With the number of restrictions being placed on the Public Option it is being set up to bring both Universal Health Care and the liberal movement down! Since only a few will be allowed to take the […]

The Public Option Is A National Security Requisite

After the stab in the back by the heatlh insurance companies that criticized the weak Health Care Bill that is floating in the Senate you would think our President would show some testosterone! Failure to do so could decrease the “Deterrence Creditability” Obama has as military Comander in Chief. That’s right President Obama must push […]

Class Warfare Against Obama And The Middle Class

The issue is not just Universal Health Care nor the increasing use of racist language against our President. The issue is the CLASS WARFARE being waged against the Middle Class by the effete snobs of privilege who want to keep Americans dependant upon them. Yes they do “use” racists but the issue of the rhetoric […]

Corporate Contributions Underlying Health Care Issue

President Obama better learn this is not simply the “silly season” in politics but the “corporate funded season” to undermine him as President! Furthermore this is an act of class warfare against the Silent Majority who came out to vote for Obama and have real change! Why are the idiots who get bused to Anti-Health […]

Obama's Health Care Speech

I wish the President came out more forcefully for a public option in his speech but none the less I am heartened that he dropped the “professor” style and came on more of a “pit bull”. In the excerpt below we see him attack the Republicans for their smear tactics. I believe he should have […]

Obama And The Cambridge Learning Experience

I am very happy that President Obama has invited both Professor Gates and Cambridge Police Sargent Crowley to the White House for a beer. However while I am a Liberal Democrat I believe the President never should have opened his mouth about the incident. The Republicans could have a field day with this. Let me […]

Republicans Whine About Obama's Iran Stance

I remember the Republicans used to say that foreign policy differences ended at our shore line! I guess that does not apply when they want to criticize President Obama and his handling of the Iranian Crises! Yet the Republicans and their fellow travelers in Halliburton had no problem doing business with the terrorist nation of […]

Why Cheney Is Wrong

Tonight I had the sickening experience of listening to Sean Hannity argue that water boarding is fine and that the President has the right to order it to protect America. His guest made a statement that Sean Hannity vigorously agreed with. The guest said. “There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents the President from […]

Spare The Trojan Then Have The Abortion

Well today our President got a harsh reception from some at Notre Dame University because he supports a woman’s right to choose. Remember folks just a few months ago when the right wing made a big stink about free Trojans being in the stimulus package! Well not every teenage girl has a mummy who is […]