Right Wing Fears #Occupy Wall Street Movement

I agree with the “Huffington Post” writer Lincoln Mitchell that the Occupy Wall Street movement is not a moment to soon! Every day the patriots of the Occupy Wall Street movement are undermining the whiny self righteousness of the so called Tea Party movement. I am sick of the Tea Party and their self indulgence […]

Republicans Whine That Occupy Wall Street Is A Hate Protest

Recently Eric Cantor whined that the #Occupy Wall Street Movement is attempting to sow hate and set Americans against each other! Yes this from the party that thrives on hate and dividing Americans against each other. At the same time Herman Cain attacked the unemployed saying it is their fault. The issue is not simply […]

#Occupy Wall Street Movement Supports Hope

Where the hell is Barrack Obama as the Occupy Wall Street Movement is spreading all over the country? Why doesn’t he address the crowds? Yes I understand that he did make some sympathetic statements. But how about giving the Silent Majority who are behind the Occupy Wall Street movement a visit and talk to them […]

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Denied Free Speech

Why aren’t the patriots who are attending the #Occupy Wall Street protests around this nation allowed to use electronic equipment like microphones? I guess the free speech of our new citizens called “Corporations” are more important than those who have to work for a living! Just take a short look at this video where Deepak […]

Pro-Conservative News Media Biases: Wall Street Protest Cover Up

The myth of the news media being liberally biased started during the Vietnam War when then Vice President Spiro Agnew acting as the attack dog for Richard Nixon tried to make Americans believe the news media had a liberal biases! The truth of the matter was quite different. But I will go into that in […]