GOP And Obama Ignore Jobs

I love Ed Schultz but I fear he is letting Obama get away with to much. I am tired of giving Obama an open pass. In the video clip below Ed Schultz correctly lambasts the Republicans for not supporting an increase in jobs. But as a Progressive SOCIAL Democrat I don’t see much action from […]

Obama’s Weekly Address Shows He Will Not Attack Free Trade

President Obama gave his short weekly address (which you can see below). Again he just does not understand the damage that so called “free trade” is doing to the American people. This is not just a blue collar issue but a white collar one as well. The income gap is widening and college graduates face […]

Wall Street Should Learn About Productivity

The elitists of Wall Street have off shored American jobs while whining about their “entitlement” of productivity from America’s middle class! Their thesis is that we the members of the middle class should work for the same compensation as those in India and China. Naturally these effete snobs of privilege feel they are entitled to […]