Nidal Hassan: How Both Conservatives And Liberals Failed Our Troops

This Social Democrat Liberal blogger is willing to follow the truth wherever it may lead. I ask my fellow progressives to divest themselves of knee jerk reactions. I urge this as an American first and as a Social Democrat second. I have watched several Liberal commentators lament that Nidal Hassan was sending e-mails to a […]

Supreme Court Denies Republicans Election Weapon

  I am a proud liberal and a “Social Democrat”. I have no problem with the phrase “European Socialism”. Well the only problem I have with it is that we don’t have enough of it here in the United States. With that said let me state that I am glad that the Supreme Court has […]

Afganistan And The Trauma Of The Politically Correct

Well this liberal Euro style Social Democrat does not believe in the orthodoxy of corporate greed nor the masochistic “I hate America” political orthodoxy of the politically correct. Just think of the dilemma of some of my liberal friends when the issue turns to Afghanistan! Now for the advantage of getting re-elected the Afghan President […]