Obama, the debates, the polls and POTENCY

Mitt Romney has smelled blood and attacked President Obama in a speech at the Virginia Military Institute. Mitt Romney tried to be perceived as being the advocate of a strong America while portraying Obama as advocating weakness. The problem is that while Obama is not weak in his foreign policy,  he is weak rhetorically. This rhetorical weakness in […]

Republicans Bow To BP

Remember when Republicans were screaming at President Obama because he bowed to the Japanese Emperor? What about Rep. Joe Barton bowing to BP Executives? True many Republicans pushed him to back away but why do Republicans want a cap on spill liabilities yet are against the “Cap on Trade Bill”? To use the conservative rhetoric […]

Democrats And Progressives – A Call For Action

President Barrack Obama did an excellent job speaking to the Republican House Caucus. He requested that the cameras keep rolling during the question and answer session that followed his speech to the Republican Caucus. He had command of the situation and the facts. Remember the sneers at Barrack Obama that he was a novice? Well […]

Bush’s Psychological Operations Election Strategy

George Bush knowing that his party faces defeat in the midterm elections first tried to use the fear tactic of Gays attacking the American family. But his attempt at “paging” the family values issue fell with the Foley scandal. Now Bush and his fellow travelers are trying to play the “terrorist card”. This from the […]