Ron Paul: Smoke Pot Then Serve The Rich

Ron Paul does have some good qualities. He is a “consistent conservative” but he just does not understand that his definition of “freedom” is a form of spaced out servitude to the corporate collective! In the clip below Ron Paul goes to pains to distinguish between the “Free Market” as opposed to “Corporatism”. Both he […]

Union Envy: How Unions Lay Themselves Open

Republicans are at it again with their game of “divide and conquer”! Just look at the video ad below that smears unions! You would think Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Schumer would go on a endless news cycle of attacks against the corporate elite! Instead all you hear is the rustle of corporate contributions to the […]

Rand Paul Tea Party Nazi Bullies Should Man Up

I was utterly disgusted by the actions of members of Rand Paul’s entourage when they knocked a frail young woman to the ground then a Rand Paul aide stomped her head with his foot on the concrete! The poor woman was a member of MoveOn.Org who was trying to present Rand Paul with certification from […]

Rand Paul Bleeding Heart For Corporations

Rand Paul is a whining little sissy hypocrite! He was afraid to go on “Meet The Press” because he said he did not want to get involved with liberal news media biases! Now note the blatant hypocrisy here! Aside from the fact that this is just a cover up to facing responsibility for his statements, […]