Robert Reich: No To TransPacific Partnership TPP

The time has come for Progressives to say NO to Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle in dealing with corporations. TPP is the lastest example.  I applaud Robert Reich and for attempting to educate the American public on the dangers of the TransAtalantic Partnership or “TPP”. But they don’t go […]

Robert Reich Needs To Confront The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

Recently Robert Reich did an article on Alternet concerning the growing plight of the American worker. The former Labor Secretary believes the greatest threat is the growing sense of insecurity. Well maybe he should have told his old buddy Bill Clinton not to pursue NAFTA. But the problem started even before Clinton. As Secretary Reich states […]

Robert Reich: Time For Obama To Confront Republican Lies

Robert Reich recently did a post on the Huffington Post where he called on President Obama to confront the GOP lies. Former Secretary Reich also did some follow up interviews on Current TV that I present below. I agree with his argument but I fear he does not go far enough. Obama has not been […]

Robert Reich To Obama: Screw Us Progressives Again Please released a short new video (see below) of Robert Reich! In this video economist Robert Reich likes a recent Obama speech that shows a bit of testosterone. I fear this is what is going to be the future of the progressive movement in America. We are going to be like a naive high school […]

Rick Perry Can “Bank” On Obama Being Passive

Recently Rick Perry had a made for YouTube moment when a representative from Bank Of America told him that they would back him! Keith Olbermann discusses this and the election with former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Reich in the video below. While this should be red meat for Obama and the Democrats we […]

Robert Reich Atttacks Right Wing Bullies

Robert Reich wrote an excellent post in AlterNet concerning how Obama is granting the Tea Party folks legitimacy by being proud of making spending cuts when we should be increasing public sector spending. In a recession that is the only way to increase “aggregate demand”! But I fear Robert Reich and many Progressives just don’t […]