Newt Gingrich And Operation Chaos

As a Progressive Democrat I am enjoying the Republican circular firing squad. However the fun and games may come to an end because the people’s voice does not count. Their corporate sponsors may pull the plug on this delightful TV program we witness every night! What Newt Gingrich is facing is the karma of patronage […]

Operation Ragnarok: Give Rush Limbaugh His Own Medicine

I would like to propose a DIRTY TRICK that we Progressives and Democrats can play on the Republicans! When Democrats where involved in our 2008 primary Rush Limbaugh told his disciples to launch “Operation Chaos” to damage the Democratic Party. I believe we Progressives now have a perfect opportunity to perform a  “Rush Limbaugh” maneuver  […]

Rush Limbaugh: Poor Should Not Vote

President Franklin D Roosevelt said “necessitous men are not free men”! President Roosevelt advocated a “Second Bill Of Rights” to the Constitution that would guarantee citizens the right to gainful employment! Today unemployment rose to 9.8%. That means at least 9.8% of Americans are not free! That does not include those who are working substitute jobs […]

Republicans Using Psychological Warfare

Remember when George Bush wanted to divert funds from Social Security for “Private Investment Accounts?” He wanted to play the young against the old and also try to make even those with little income identify with the richer elements of the investor class by owning stock! Well now they are at it again! They have […]

Tom Daschle’s Taxes: It’s A Patrician Kind Of Thing

Tom Daschle’s
Taxes: It’s A
Patrician Kind Of Thing Yes
I am a liberal soy eating
liberal. Yes I know many
are starting to wonder
what the hell is going on
now with President Obama
and the Democrats first
choosing someone for
Treasury Secretary who
had tax problems! Now we
have the Health And
Human Services Secretary
nominee, Tom Dasccle kind
of forgetting to pay a mere
$128,000.00 dollars not
because he was low in
funds but because he kind
of forgot about it! I took
the unpopular position to
keep Trojans in the
Stimulus package in a prior
post and then in my next
post I wondered
“where’s the beef”