Obama Goes Eye To Eye With Osama

Republicans could stand to see their ace issue, “national security” being stolen from them, when President Barrack Obama had Osama Bin Laden killed.  In reality Obama correctly utilized the “Bush Doctrine” while Bush misapplied his own doctrine! Instead Bush sent us off on a costly detour to make the world safer for Halliburton profits!   […]

Have Progressive Groups Gone Soft?

As a proud Progressive Social Democrat I am sick and tired of defending the wimp we have leading our Democratic Party, Barrack Obama. While I realize my own Democratic Party has degenerated into a group of organized pussies I was hoping for more fight from Progressive Organizations! Our party lacks the testosterone to break out […]

Tuscon And The Rhetoric Of Hate

The rhetoric of hate has now hurt our nation. I have thought about this issue and perhaps it was good that my site was being moved so I could delay my reaction to the tragic events in Tucson. As you know I am a very vocal progressive. While I don’t want to add to the […]

Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin Supports Witch Christine O'Donnell

Yo Sarah the bit*h is a witch! Sarah Palin who is a known self avowed  pal of Alaskan secessionists and holier than thou born again Christian finds out now that her candidate in the Delaware Republican primary, Christine O’Donnell, once practiced witchcraft. Further from what she says in the video released by  Bill Maher in a […]

Mama Grizzly Bear Palin Likes Canadian Socialized Medicine

Image via Wikipedia Sarah Palin is trying to steal the iconography of “potency” from Barrack Obama with her metaphor of the “Mama Grizzly”. That nice folksy icon of the Alaskan Independence Party that Sarah Palin loves so much. If Sarah Palin where a liberal then Glenn Beck would bring out the connection between the image […]

Alvin Greene To Debate Sarah Palin

Yes it is scary that Alvin Greene has won the South Carolina Democratic Primary. I would love to see a debate between Alvin Greene and Sarah Palin. Amazing that Sarah Palin was running for Vice President, an office just a heartbeat away from succession to the Presidency! Yet the right winger’s whined that Sarah Palin was […]

Rand Paul Bleeding Heart For Corporations

Rand Paul is a whining little sissy hypocrite! He was afraid to go on “Meet The Press” because he said he did not want to get involved with liberal news media biases! Now note the blatant hypocrisy here! Aside from the fact that this is just a cover up to facing responsibility for his statements, […]

Landing On Our Shore: The Wages Of Deregulation

How’s that Drill Baby Drill Thingy working out for you Sarah Palin? For years the Republicans have preached the Gospel of Deregulation now look at the results! Now comes news that the chemicals used to fight the oil slick can be toxic themselves! If we had more regulation we might not be in this situation! […]

California Insurance Costs Skyrocket – It’s Called Freedom

First a question for Republicans! How is all that Corporate Free Marketie de-regulation thingy working out for ya! Huh?  (Wink). When will Americans ever learn that a decrease in Government Regulation does not translate into an increase in individual freedom! Instead a vacuum is created for the bully to take away the freedom of individual […]

Base To Obama: Stop Listening To Republicans And Start Lecturing

My advice to Obama is the opposite of what Sarah Palin said at the Tea Party convention! I have had enough of Obama trying to get the Republicans to come on board. We won they lost – REMEMBER! I am sick of letting Joe Liebermann and his fellow travelers, the blue dog Democrats destroy the […]

Democrats And Progressives – A Call For Action

President Barrack Obama did an excellent job speaking to the Republican House Caucus. He requested that the cameras keep rolling during the question and answer session that followed his speech to the Republican Caucus. He had command of the situation and the facts. Remember the sneers at Barrack Obama that he was a novice? Well […]

Bill O'Reilly And FoxNews SPIN Steve Schmidt Statements

While we already are aware about Sarah Palin’s lack of basic geography, I would like to add how Fox News distorted Steve Schmidt’s interview on “60 Minutes“!  Bill O’Reilly created a FULL SPIN ZONE in his “Talking Points Memo” on Monday when he said that McCain Adviser Steve Schmidt stated that Sarah Palin made the […]

The Public Option Is A National Security Requisite

After the stab in the back by the heatlh insurance companies that criticized the weak Health Care Bill that is floating in the Senate you would think our President would show some testosterone! Failure to do so could decrease the “Deterrence Creditability” Obama has as military Comander in Chief. That’s right President Obama must push […]

Health Care: To Hell With Bi-partisanship

I have God damned had it with these effete snobs of the Republican Party and their fellow travelers the “blue dog Democrats”. We are the richest nation in the world yet we lack Universal Health Care! Who cares where the funding is going to come from! That’s right did George “No Show National Guardsmen” Bush […]

Bed Time For Sarah Palin

Oh poor baby Sarah Palin. Did that nasty liberal biased news media finally become too much for the “Pit bull Hockey Mummy” from Alaska? What drives me crazy about Sarah Palin is the way the news media where too scared to pursue her ties with the Alaskan independence Party and her ties with a witch […]

Leave Michael Phelps Alone

Leave Michael Phelps Alone
So what Michael Phelps
stuck a bong pipe in his
mouth! It’s not like
he endorsed smoking
cigarettes that lead
America’s youth to
cancer. He should
apologize to
America’s youth for
endorsing foods that will
make you diabetic! Sure he
got his athletic body by
eating Kellogg’s
“Frosted Flakes” or “Rice
Crispies”! – Yeah right! Yet
I don’t blame him
for making those
endorsements after all the
hard work he did to reach
becoming a Gold Medal
Olympic Athlete. When
Michael Phelps cites his
“youthful age” as being the
cause of his smoking a
bong he should instead cite
his young age for letting
Corporate America