Michigan’s Right To Work Law, The GOP And Union Envy

In a prior article I introduced the term of “union envy“. As a college graduate I found myself resentful about unions.  This changed when I could no longer tolerate being a “white collar worker” at AIG. In this post I would like to contribute some thoughts on how unions can fight back and modernize. These […]

Hooray Obama Won: But Did Progressives?

As I mentioned in my last post I am PROUD that I did NOT vote for Obama but instead for Dr. Jill Stein the Green Party presidential candidate. Wow Obama won! Mark my words when Barrack Obama goes on his “apology tour to the Tea Party” and attempts to create a “grand compromise” that will […]

Obama’s Strategy: Create A Contrast?

Well Mr. President I have a “contrast” to deal with also. That is to say your pathetic wimpy advocacy of the Progressive Agenda “in contrast” with your lauded goal of “Change We Can Believe In“. I refuse to join your pathetic chorus of die hards who simply cannot accept the realization that Barack Obama is […]

Rep. Issa Doing What We Democrats Should Have Done

Americans lost their lives in the vain quest for Iraqi WMD while Bush and his fellow travelers sent us into a deficit creating Republican social engineering experiment in Iraq.  Did Obama try to investigate this or push Congress to investigate this? No all you heard is the wimpy purr of pussy cats while Obama tried […]

Rush Limbaugh: Poor Should Not Vote

President Franklin D Roosevelt said “necessitous men are not free men”! President Roosevelt advocated a “Second Bill Of Rights” to the Constitution that would guarantee citizens the right to gainful employment! Today unemployment rose to 9.8%. That means at least 9.8% of Americans are not free! That does not include those who are working substitute jobs […]