Obama On Social Security: How To Celebrate Your Inner Wimp

Many Progressives got excited when Obama suddenly took to fighting the NRA and calling for a vote on background checks. This progressive blogger did not get excited. When the polls are so overwhelmingly for gun control then Obama gets the courage to talk up. President Obama spoke about “taking off your bedroom slippers and putting on […]

Obama And Pelosi: Charge Of The Castrati Brigade Defending SS

The Huffington Post has reported that Nancy Pelosi has joined Barrack Obama in betraying the legacy of FDR. I am so happy that I voted Green and did NOT vote for that pathetic mealy mouth wimp Barrack Obama. Now Nancy Pelosi has joined Barrack Obama in the “Charge Of the castrati brigade” to destroy Social Security. Tell me […]

Fat Boy Chris Christie Doesn’t Vaporize Advocating Longevity Gains Tax

I find it disgusting that fat boy Chris Christie can talk about extending the age for Americans to receive social security and medicare benefits that we have paid into all our lives while our social betters have this sense of entitlement that we should not increase the  capital gains tax nor return to the Eisenhower […]

Obama Gets Testosterone – I Wish!

Sorry to disappoint my fellow Progressives but Obama’s recent stronger rhetoric covers up a compromise that is unacceptable. Read this article it is very important that you understand this when you discuss Obama with friends! Obama is not acting stronger!  The problem is you did not listen closely to Obama’s speech and your covert desire […]

It’s A “DEMAND GAP” – Stupid

I really enjoyed Keith Olbermann and his  guests (see video below)  because they made clear that the issue is not the deficit! Rather it is a “Demand Gap” as Eliot Spitzer termed it! The real problem is, as they explain, that our President is not telling the nation this and allowing the Republicans to set […]

Why Not Elizabeth Warren As Consumer Czar

I am glad that President Obama is going to push for Elizabeth Warren to set up the new Consumer protection Agency. My question is why doesn’t he just appoint her to head the new agency? I know many will think this is part of some grand strategy to get Republicans to accept her for a […]

Rick Santelli Is An Idiot

Rick Santelli became the darling of the Corporate Elitists today by saying “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbors mortgage who has an extra bathroom?” Then he said to the President “did you hear the response this is America!” WRONG Mr. Santelli that was a room full of pompous over paid […]