President Barrack Obama Trying To Be A Carl Rogers Facilitator?

Most of you do not know who Dr. Carl Rogers was. He was recognized by the American Psychological Association as one of the leading psychologists in America. President Barrack Obama is in my opinion trying to follow the leadership philosophy of the late Dr. Carl Rogers. Dr. Rogers believed a leader should not be a […]

Obama’s State Of The Union Address

For many of us Liberals and Progressives we were fearful that President Obama was going to continue to turn rightward and predictions were made that he would actually join with Republicans to undermine Social Security. We were pleasantly surprised that those predictions were wrong. In general his speech had a Progressive thrust BUT as a […]

Obama's Speech Is A Start But Not Aggressive Enough

Frankly I am feed up with Democrats being so airy faery when it comes to taking on Republicans. Can you imagine that the Republicans were actually stealing the issue of being middle class defenders against big corporations and Wall Street?