The Issue Is Not How To Best Implement Austerity

Austerity is not the answer but an increase in aggregate demand will increase the employment in America and the tax base. For example,  a factory has 1,000 employees. Then came 2008 and we had a crisis. The company had to eliminate 400 jobs. At it’s new reduced rate of employment the company was able to […]

Is Obama Finally Getting Testosterone?

I would love to believe that President Obama is finally learning that you cannot negotiate with idiots. I am finally starting to see some glimmer of hope from Barrack Obama that maybe he has learned that his usage of Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People” is not going to help him with the GOP. The […]

Wacko Romney Supporter and Trickle Down Identity

Yesterday I watched on the news a heavy set elderly woman “demand” that Romney promise her unequivocally that he would end “Obamacare”! Romney replied “absolutely”! This wacko Romney supporter is probably a member of the Tea Party and works at Walmart for minimum wage! Hey but she wants to “show dem damn socialists we aren’t […]

We Need A Progressive Version Of The Tea Party

We need to learn from the Tea Party. Amazing isn’t it that Democrats could win control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency in 2008. Yet the “Troika of Impotence”, Obama, Reid and Pelosi where no match for the Tea Party. Change We Can Believe In: Day #928 Our defeat as Progressives, and we […]

The 14th Amendment: Starving The Tea Party Beast

Politico has reported that many Democrats are calling on President Obama to invoke the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to end the debt crisis. I could not agree more. Though at the end of this article I do cite one problem that no one yet has mentioned. But I will leave that problem to the […]

Progressives Arise And Take Back Our Party

The time has come for Progressives to say “ENOUGH”! We need a new viable political party that represents Progressives and is a pragmatic American adaption of Euro-Social Democratic Principles! Does Obama really represent “Change We Can Believe In”? – HELL NO! However the issue is not simply Obama! We need Progressives to be as aggressive  […]

Robert Reich Atttacks Right Wing Bullies

Robert Reich wrote an excellent post in AlterNet concerning how Obama is granting the Tea Party folks legitimacy by being proud of making spending cuts when we should be increasing public sector spending. In a recession that is the only way to increase “aggregate demand”! But I fear Robert Reich and many Progressives just don’t […]

Senator Bernie Sanders And Howard Dean In 2012

Want to destroy “Change We Can Believe In”? Then keep supporting Barrack Obama and his game of “playing progressive” inside the Corporate Sandbox! No more bull! As liberals and progressives the time has come stop making excuses for this looser! The time has come to stop denying our gut reactions! I had that first reaction […]

Base To Obama – Give Us Change We Can Believe In

I voted for Obama! I am a ardent progressive. But I am sick and tired of defending him and his fellow members of the Troika Of Impotence, the other two being HarryReid and Nancy Pelosi. Be honest is this “Change We Can Believe In?” Why the hell should the Democratic base support this Troika of […]

Republicans Use "Slick" Strategy

When will Barrack Obama learn that Americans want POTENCY not intellectualism! The Republicans are actually stealing Democratic issues and making them their own. They are even calling the current BP Oil spill “Obama’s Katrina”! This is absurd yet they may get away with it because President Obama “doesn’t want to point the finger of blame”! […]

California Insurance Costs Skyrocket – It’s Called Freedom

First a question for Republicans! How is all that Corporate Free Marketie de-regulation thingy working out for ya! Huh?  (Wink). When will Americans ever learn that a decrease in Government Regulation does not translate into an increase in individual freedom! Instead a vacuum is created for the bully to take away the freedom of individual […]

Base To Obama: Stop Listening To Republicans And Start Lecturing

My advice to Obama is the opposite of what Sarah Palin said at the Tea Party convention! I have had enough of Obama trying to get the Republicans to come on board. We won they lost – REMEMBER! I am sick of letting Joe Liebermann and his fellow travelers, the blue dog Democrats destroy the […]

Six Reasons For Progressives To Kill The Bill

Before I present list I would suggest you listen to this “prediction” from The Frank Factor, a liberal progressive internet show/podcast that aired last February. His prediction about being nice to Republicans and how Democrats compromising to death is true! See video box below. When are some Democrats going to learn that being “nice” does […]

Time For Liberals To Be Aggressive

Big deal we got 60 votes to “talk” about Health Care Reform. When you listen to Republican Senator Judd Gregg you can hear the Republican strategy being exposed which the Democrats are not countering! Oh dear we don’t want to be “partisan” now do we? Well I do! If you listen closely you can hear […]

Democratic Base Was SNOWED IN – Time For Liberal Tea Party

The Progressive base of the Democratic Party stayed home since we have been “Snowed” in. President Obama, in his quest for bipartisanship, has climbed MT Olympus to find that the “Snow(e)” is slippery and has driven the Democratic base to stay home. Then again President Obama stood by while the Maine Gay Marriage Act was […]

Without A Strong Public Option Progressives Should Filibuster

The Health Care Bill with a weak or no Public Option is an exercise in Democratic Party masochism! With the number of restrictions being placed on the Public Option it is being set up to bring both Universal Health Care and the liberal movement down! Since only a few will be allowed to take the […]

The Public Option And Corporate Power: One Dollar – One Vote

The Public Option does not stand a chance! Not because the American people don’t want it but because of the power of Corporate Lobbyists! Where are the “Tea Baggers” with their pompous slogans of “No Taxation Without Representation”? We Middle Class Americans are being taxed by these corporations to support their self interest against our […]

The Public Option Is A National Security Requisite

After the stab in the back by the heatlh insurance companies that criticized the weak Health Care Bill that is floating in the Senate you would think our President would show some testosterone! Failure to do so could decrease the “Deterrence Creditability” Obama has as military Comander in Chief. That’s right President Obama must push […]

Corporations Tax Sports Fans

Have you contributed to support the political agenda of your social betters today? Why not just go to a football game? Rachel Maddow quoting has revealed that many football teams are contributing to Republican Politicians. No let’s be clear I have no objection to the CEO’s and executives of the various football teams taking […]

Republicans Do Not Defend Our Flag

As i mentioned in a prior post the Conservatives don’t seem to care that CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have no problem in tearing down the flag of our nation from their merchant ships in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes to the nation that gave them birth, succor, protection and yes PROFITS! […]


I am very happy our navy rescued the “American” Ship Captain who was held hostage by the pirates from Somali. Their ship’s owners did not try to evade their lawful and moral tax contribution to America!  Now here is a question for you! What about the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who tear down the flag of America from their […]