Middle Class And Those Climbing Up Come FIRST Not The 1%

Once again this nation is being subjected to trickle down economics. The Republicans want us to buy into their philosophy and the TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY MEME that supports it. “The good of my social betters is my good. The rich have a right to be selfish because one day, with hard work (or a good relative […]

Stop Making War On The American Government

We are witnessing today a war on the American government by those forces who side with the subjugation of individual freedom to the service of the corporate collective! President Barack Obama has chosen to be a Carl Rogers style facilitator rather than to mount the presidential bully pulpit to defend progressive values. President Obama made two […]

Bernie Sanders A Victim Of Corporate News Media Biases

I believe Senator Bernie Sanders is becoming the target of the corporate news media! For to long the term “liberal news media biases” has become a part of the lexicon of American politics. The time has come that Progressives point out how the news media has a conservative bias against real Progressives! Progressives have to break […]

The Middle Class Versus The Trickle Down Identity Meme

Our nation has been infected by a virus of the soul! I call it the “Trickle Down Identity Meme” This post has significance far beyond the GOP  debates and the 2016 election. The infection of the trickle down identity meme  damages our political landscape and is the modus operandi in maintaining income inequality. Just one […]


Because the corporate news media and their fellow travellers in the Republican Party have a fixation on ISIS we are being bombarded about the need for giving up more of our personal freedom and privacy to advance national security.  Strange isn’t it that in Darfur over 200,000 innocent people died yet we have a few […]

To Hillary Clinton And Obama: American Jobs Matter

Corporate America does not need the GOP when it has such friends as Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Obama’s interview with Chris Mathews includes some disturbing aspects of Obama that have not been addressed.  The Huffington Post just ran an article stating that Republican billionaires love Obama’s TPP trade deal.  Yes we know TPP […]

Robert Reich: No To TransPacific Partnership TPP

The time has come for Progressives to say NO to Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle in dealing with corporations. TPP is the lastest example.  I applaud Robert Reich and MoveOn.org for attempting to educate the American public on the dangers of the TransAtalantic Partnership or “TPP”. But they don’t go […]

Barrack Obama’s 2015 State Of The Union Speech

Well it is that time of the year again for President Barrack Obama to give his state of the union speech. President Obama is slowly learning that his approach to the Republicans has been far to timid. I agree he was stronger this time. But Barrack Obama, to this Progressive will go down as one […]

Robert Reich Needs To Confront The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

Recently Robert Reich did an article on Alternet concerning the growing plight of the American worker. The former Labor Secretary believes the greatest threat is the growing sense of insecurity. Well maybe he should have told his old buddy Bill Clinton not to pursue NAFTA. But the problem started even before Clinton. As Secretary Reich states […]

Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 2

In this article let’s examine how organized money is corrupting our democracy on the corporate level. A democracy is defined by the rule of “one person – one vote”. The market place is defined by the rule of “one dollar – one vote”! Both of these meme’s are in analogous positions to the Twin Spirits […]

Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 1

I would like to present some talking points you can use with friends and family concerning the “separation of corporation and state”. We might actually think of this as two issues: The problem of individual big donors throwing corrupting the decision making processes of a democratic society and The problem of corporations corrupting the decision […]

Economy Is Up For 2nd Quarter But It Could Be Fluff

Progressives like this blogger, want to see “change we can believe in! We are tired of politicans who play “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their donor$”. Reuters has announced that the GDP has expanded by 4%. This sounds good after 6 years of the Obama Presidency. But the problem is that the […]

Ed Schultz Thinks Obama’s Economy Is Doing Great: WTF

Ed Schultz thinks the economy is all peachy keen. He is a victim of “trickle down identity” not to mention he has to much psychologically invested in Barrack Obama. The metrics he cites are the stock market  because it is at an all time high plus raw job numbers are getting better! Ed Schultz preaches […]

The Joys Of Competition In The Service Of The Corporate Collectivists

I am tired of the cliche of the “Joy of Competition” from those who want to undermine individual freedom at the profit of corporate power. We see this “celebration of the subjugation of individuality to the corporate collective” each time an unsuspecting young person leaves college and goes for a job interview.  I will be […]

Opportunity To Separate Corporation And State

In this article I will propose a constitutional amendment for the separation of corporation and state. Furthermore I believe we have a window of opportunity here to enlist mainstream Republicans. Below John McCain aruges that both political parties are disappearing in the face of Super-PACS As wacky as the recent Tea Party hissy fit government […]

Cut And Run Corporations Vacation From Responsibility

If you believe the bleeding hearts for these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS over at FoxNews, our nation is turning into a land of “moochers” where 47% don’t pay federal income tax. Yet they defend these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who ship American jobs overseas. They even believe these moocher corporations and investors  have an “entitlement” to […]

Robert Reich: Time For Obama To Confront Republican Lies

Robert Reich recently did a post on the Huffington Post where he called on President Obama to confront the GOP lies. Former Secretary Reich also did some follow up interviews on Current TV that I present below. I agree with his argument but I fear he does not go far enough. Obama has not been […]

Is Obama Possessed By A “Sissy Meme”?

Barrack Obama had the chance to confront Mitt Romney and his flip flops. Instead Barrack Obama continued as the embodiment of the “sissy meme” by celebrating the testosterone free advocacy style. As a Progressive Democrat I found a particular statement by President Obama to be very offensive and I don’t believe any one in the […]

Paul Ryan As VP: Corporate Collectivism Or Individual Freedom

Mitt Romney has not only placed his presidential dreams on an “austerity plan” but may have actually assisted Barrack Obama to finally get some testosterone!   President Obama and many Democrats have been to “polite” in not addressing the issue of wealth redistribution from the middle class to the top 1%. Furthermore in recent years those […]

Banksters, Golden Parachutes and Unemployment Insurance

Once again the conservatives and the banksters  play the “politics of envy”! They do this while reducing their cognitive dissonance with the defense mechanisms of reaction formation and projection! They cite themselves and their patrician sponsors as the poor victims! Yet they are practicing the very tactic they decry. They next “project” their sins on to their […]

Bill Maher: Re-elect Obama Because He Is Black

As a social democrat I just cannot wait till Barrack Obama gets re-elected so we can cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and continue Barrack Obama’s testosterone challenged response to the Tea Party driven GOP! Bill Maher seems to feel that if we do not re-elect Barrack Obama then it would mean that Blacks are not […]

Wacko Romney Supporter and Trickle Down Identity

Yesterday I watched on the news a heavy set elderly woman “demand” that Romney promise her unequivocally that he would end “Obamacare”! Romney replied “absolutely”! This wacko Romney supporter is probably a member of the Tea Party and works at Walmart for minimum wage! Hey but she wants to “show dem damn socialists we aren’t […]

Trickle Down Identity Meme: Subjugation Of The Middle Class

The issue we face today is not simply “trickle down economics” but rather a virus of the soul called “trickle down identity”. In this post I would like to introduce my readers to a psychological and sociological theory concerning  “memes”! This has enormous implications concerning politics. Sometimes memes are called schema or scripts. I will be […]

China: Mecca For Cut And Run Capitalists