Ukraine Vs Russia: Bush Vs Obama

I am amazed at the devotion by the West to Russian intervention in Crimea. What about Tibet? Well if we got involved seriously in that issue we would be breaking up the songfest in Beijing! What songfest is that? Why the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their fellow travelers the Chinese Communists singing the “GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE“! […]

Ukraine Vs Russia: Some Thoughts

The crisis in Crimea is very sad. I honestly believe both sides have some valid points. In this the first of two articles I will examine the situation and give my two cents. In the follow up article we will examine the situation from the view point of American politics. Who was Putin’s enabler: Obama […]

Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama On Ukraine

Chris Matthews on his MSNBC Show “Hardball” did a report on the right wing nuts who criticized President Obama for his handling of the crisis in Ukraine. One of the featured nut cases was former Vice President Dick Cheney who criticized President Obama yet again. Chris Matthews did an excellent rebuke of former Vice President […]

Lindsey Graham And John McCain Vs Obama On Ukraine

Republicans Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Sarah Palin  and Rudy Giuliani have just released a detailed solution to the crisis in Ukraine. They have accused President Barrack Obama of being weak, soft and indecisive when we have a golden opportunity to have a new war. They have declared Putin to be decisive while Obama to be […]