Robert Reich: No To TransPacific Partnership TPP

The time has come for Progressives to say NO to Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle in dealing with corporations. TPP is the lastest example.  I applaud Robert Reich and for attempting to educate the American public on the dangers of the TransAtalantic Partnership or “TPP”. But they don’t go […]

Democratic Party Labor Day Message: Unions Rest In Peace

This labor day I wore my union tea shirt. But I wonder if anyone cares about the movement including the members of my union. We are witnessing the wholesale destruction of the manufacturing industry but union members do get a pay off! Yes my union members get to enjoy watching FoxNews, their favorite TV channel […]

Michigan’s Right To Work Law, The GOP And Union Envy

In a prior article I introduced the term of “union envy“. As a college graduate I found myself resentful about unions.  This changed when I could no longer tolerate being a “white collar worker” at AIG. In this post I would like to contribute some thoughts on how unions can fight back and modernize. These […]

Unions And The Middle Class

The middle class is under attack in this country and it is not just blue collar workers but white collar employees as well! A DailyKos writer has lamented that her students label themselves as “middle class” as opposed to “working class”! I believe however it is time to break free of 19th Century lexicon! Not […]

NY Times Has Alarming Report On National Debt But

On the front page of the New York Times today (8/4/2011) I read an article by Binyamin Appelbaum entitled “Spending Cuts Seen as Step, Not as Cure”. For me this proves we need to have a “Public Option” not simply because we Progressives like that politically but for the good of the nation’s economy! When […]

GOP To Bus Boy The Middle Class

Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party will never be satisfied until Americans are working at minimum wage! Then they will attempt to remove even that! Since blue collar unions make their grievances public due to their organized strength it is not generally known that white collar workers are also witnessing their jobs […]

Wisconsin And The PR Problem Of Unions

When will Democrats learn that Republicans will use any strategy to win the class war! When will Democrats learn that it perfectly fine to talk about the “class war” that is being waged against the Middle Class by these effete snobs of privilege! Republicans will use envy, division, fear and attempt to side track the […]