Obama Gets Lesson On Turning The Page

Like most progressives I was enraged when Obama gave the prior administration a free pass in terms of intensive investigations of Bush’s putting this nation into Iraq. Next Obama pussy footed with the bankers and their rape of our national economy. Iceland did not allow their bankers to get off so free. While our bankers […]

Obama Still Playing Liberal Inside Corporate Sandbox

As a Progressive I refuse to get caught up in no drama Obama’s “Me or the evil Republicans drama”. Sorry I refuse to join Obama in the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle. Cenk Uygur redeemed himself with this liberal in his recent program where he listed the hypocrisy of Obama in not doing anything to support […]

Wisconsin Loss Is Obama’s Fault

Let’s stop making excuses for this arugula eating wimp Obama. He was a “community organizer’ for God’s sake. You mean Obama did not realize with his community organizing background, that in this tight election a string of presidential visits would have breathed life into the recall effort? Barrack Obama looked the other way when Rev. Wright blasted America. […]

Ed Schultz Vs. Fox News On Obama

The HuffintonPost has blasted FoxNews for once again showing it’s right wing colors. FoxNews ran a video that was more of a GOP Campagin ad. Poor Ed Schultz also was angered and is trying to alert Americans but unfortunately Ed Schultz just does not get it. You see poor Barrack Obama, our hero of “Change We Can […]

Barrack Obama And The Karma Of Testosterone Deficiency

Remember my fellow Progressives when Obama swept into office with control of both houses of Congress? We even had 60 senators!  Do you remember when Democrats were going to pass a new law that would make the formation of union shops spread across the nation as fast as the droppings of Canadian geese? Yes those […]

Union Envy: How Unions Lay Themselves Open

Republicans are at it again with their game of “divide and conquer”! Just look at the video ad below that smears unions! You would think Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Schumer would go on a endless news cycle of attacks against the corporate elite! Instead all you hear is the rustle of corporate contributions to the […]

GOP Creates Economy Then Blames Unions

Democrats under Obama just don’t seem to want to win the political war against Republicans and their Tea Party fellow travelers! Remember when we were about to see the rebirth of the union movement with a simple “Card Check” Law that would facilitate the massive rebirth of unions when a majority of employees signed up […]

GOP To Bus Boy The Middle Class

Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party will never be satisfied until Americans are working at minimum wage! Then they will attempt to remove even that! Since blue collar unions make their grievances public due to their organized strength it is not generally known that white collar workers are also witnessing their jobs […]

Wisconsin And The PR Problem Of Unions

When will Democrats learn that Republicans will use any strategy to win the class war! When will Democrats learn that it perfectly fine to talk about the “class war” that is being waged against the Middle Class by these effete snobs of privilege! Republicans will use envy, division, fear and attempt to side track the […]