Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 1

I would like to present some talking points you can use with friends and family concerning the “separation of corporation and state”. We might actually think of this as two issues:

  1. The problem of individual big donors throwing corrupting the decision making processes of a democratic society and
  2. The problem of corporations corrupting the decision making processes of a democratic society.

I guess the second could be considered an extension of the first but with some extra issues added. I will devote this post to the first issue and address the second in my next post.

Republicans generally don’t seem to care about the role of money in politics except when they are running against a fellow conservative  in a Republican primary who got the blessings of the lords of money.


Battle Of Two Memes: Democratic Society Vs Free Market

I have a different understanding of the concept of “corruption” than is generally accepted. I have a deep affinity to the Zoroastrian Religion that my mother educated me into along with Christianity. in that religion the Spirit of Progressive Mentality is praised. Regardless of your beliefs follow me on this analogy. I am not trying to sell a religion.

The Zoroastrian scripture states:

In the beginning there existed the Twin Spirits! One of Light and the other of darkness. And the one said to the other:  “neither our ideals, goals  or religions are compatible”. History is but the story of their conflict!

Forget the theology here. The issue is the battle of two memes and the means by which they become internalized into the psyche of the citizenry. I have addressed the issue of “meme maintenance”  in my posts concerning the “trickle down identity meme“. In this post let’s consider the ways our nation’s decision making apparatus is corrupted by organized money! This “VIRUS OF THE SOUL”!

This battle of the memes that is alluded to in Zoroastrian Scripture is occurring today in America with the corruption of our nation’s decision making process!

I believe this can be said of two ideas: A free society vs a free market!

  1. The first is based on the principle of “one person – one vote“.
  2. The second or “market” is based on the principle of “one dollar – one vote“!

While the principle of “one dollar – one vote” may be appropriate for many market transactions it is not appropriate for political transactions.

In the course of history these two twin spirits (memes)  will compete and one will win out over the other:

  1. The political institutions of a democratic society will dominate the market place and place regulations such that the market place will “play” market inside the democratic society’s imposed ethical sandbox or
  2. The market place will dominate the political institutions of a democratic society rendering “democracy” as a mere game played inside the corporate sandbox of the moneyed class! Throughout this site i have accused the Democratic Party of playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors.

Below Robert Reich gives an excellent presentation of the corrupting power of organized money (an FDR term) on politics.

Corruption Of The Decision Making Process: Organized Money In Politics

We hear Barrack Obama the 2008 winner of the Goldman Sachs PAC contributiions occasionally talk about money in politics. Where is the call for a Constitutional Amendment to separate Organized Money from State? Barrack Obama, like most in the Democratic Party is just as phony as the Republicans!

So when you hear the argument that big money donors and corporations give to both sides remember that is the problem! The Democratic Party is no longer the party of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was the happy class warrior for the middle class.

Barrack Obama should be advancing Constitutional Amendments to enact FDR’s “Second Bill Of Rights”.  But all the wimp does is try to make austerity less harsh while he secretly pushes for NAFTA on sterooids – TPP! Stop making excuses for this wimp! He refused to up the rhetoric and push for real reform in his first two years. The result? We lost the House just as we will now loose the Senate.

The fact that organized money goes to both parties does not make the practice benign.

Rather it breeds a play pen for the “celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle” – Barrack Obama the role model of impotence when we had control of both Houses of Congress! Where is the Progressive alternative to the Republicans? Organized money has performed a breeding process that gives us wimps in the Democratic Party who are not the rightful heirs to FDR!

Let’s review some other means by which organized money, rich individuals and corporate SuperPACS, undermine and corrupt our political institutions.

  1. Candidates in both parties fear a primary challenge that is not grass roots but astro-turf. Funded by the Koch Brothers and their fellow travelers.
  2. Issue ads can be well funded to advance the cause of the super rich and thus even change the views of the public.
  3. Politicians depend on future employment in “think tanks” or other patronage jobs of their corporate masters when they leave office.
  4. Republicans become more conservative while Democrats will only advance progressive goals IF they do not hurt their moneyed donors. Not to mention that free trade is largely the fault of Democrats and the damage is far from over with Obama pushing for TPP.
  5. Many only seem to believe that direct contributions to a candidate’s campaign fund is the only way corruption might take place. Sure it can happen and thus I list it here but the worst form most do not even realize it occurring!

What is the real means by which this corruption takes place?

The political institutions of a democratic society are the “brain” of that society. If that brain is intoxicated in a means that is against the principle of “one person – one vote” then we have a “corruption” of that decision making process – PERIOD!

So what exactly does that translate into?

A politician may not “personally” be corrupt but the system is corrupted! How?

With the input of organized money into both parties a filter is placed into our decision making process as a nation.  Candidates who are more conservative and corporate friendly, even if of their own volition, will rise to the top naturally because they have more money in their war chests!

I have no doubt that there are many conservatives and libertarians who HONESTLY believe what they espouse. If we kept money out of politics they could compete with their ideas in a balanced manner. Most would loose elections. But with the flow of dark money into politics they have an unnatural stamina to compete and thus their philosophy will prevail!

A side effect of this corruption is that third parties are almost guaranteed to fail. That is unless they have a “patrician” sponsor such as Ross Perot.

Ross Perot actually had some good ideas and he warned us about NAFTA. But my point is that the Reform Party was a mere shadow until he added his funds to make it a somewhat successful third party.


Candidates And Political Parties Need To Be Licensed By The Mullahs Of Capital

In a Democracy do candidates and political parties have to be “licensed” by the 1%?

That is what is happening to our nation. Iran has an Islamic Republic. There are competing parties and candidates. But they must be first “certified” by the mullahs! Is this the “Brave New World for American Democracy? Candidates and political parties have to be licensed by the Mullahs of Capital?

This “meme” of “one dollar – one vote” is becoming a Virus of the Soul in America. By means of “trickle down identity” it is perpetuating itself in the American political system.

By off shoring and out sourcing they are creating a nation of “necessitous citizens” who will compete with each other for the few scraps of bread while the 1% with their grandiose sense of entitlement maintain their wealth off shore and vacation from their responsibility to the nation that gave them birth, profits and incorporation!

While Democrats get all worked up in defending Obama from a lawsuit and possible impeachment the 1% will continue to maintain their meme of “one dollar – one vote” as they and their fellow travelers in China sing their new song; “The Globalization Internationale”!

Meanwhile Obama and the Democrats shout their war cry of “meow”.  Amazing our hero of “change we can believe in” pushed for fast track of TPP but does not campaign day and night for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state!

No this is NOT an Illuminati conspiracy. It is worse! It is a meme practicing schema maintenance! This is done as we divert our attention to defending Obama from GOP criticism. We get all worked up in the diversion of two party politics that is licensed by the Mullahs of Capital. Meanwhile the real crime in America goes unchallenged.

The triumph of the meme of “one dollar – one vote” over the meme of “one person – one vote”!

Obama and Hillary Clinton’s response is a pathetic “MEOW”!

We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2016!