Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 2

In this article let’s examine how organized money is corrupting our democracy on the corporate level. A democracy is defined by the rule of “one person – one vote”. The market place is defined by the rule of “one dollar – one vote”! Both of these meme’s are in analogous positions to the Twin Spirits of Zorastrian Scripture where one says to the other:

“Neither our values, religions or ways of life can ever be compatible!” – History is but the story of their conflict.

These are two memes that act like schemas in cognitive therapy. They compete for mastery of our society.

Either democracy will place the market place inside of a ethical sandbox by which the game of making money and running a corporation will be played by ethical rules


The market will corrupt our society’s decision making processes. It will do so by having our politicians play “make believe democracy” inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors. Elections will still take place but between candidates certified by organized money.

Iran is an Islamic Republic. Elections do take place with competing parties. But the politicians must be certified by the Mullahs.

In this “Brave New World” America will exist with competing political parties but they will play “make believe democracy” inside the confines defined by the Mullahs of Capitalism. Parties and politicians will be breed by the patronage of organized money.

Also corporations will fund issue oriented groups to advance their agenda to the public. Without a corporate sponsor competing views will loose out in the manipulated court of public opinion where the rule of advertisement will be:

“One dollar – one vote”!

The Trickle Down Identity Meme

This system of corruption, this VIRUS OF THE SOUL will control the decision making processes of our society through the “mechanism” of the “Trickle Down Identity Meme“. This is worse than “trickle down economics”. Basically it is the unconscious internalization of a value system that:

  1. Makes the individual believe his/her self interest is that of the 1% while within the 1% their self interest is defined as the self interest of the .001%.
  2. An elaborate system of mythology that gives justification to this value system calling its corruption of democracy “freedom” instead of corruption.
  3. An elaborate system of diversion and numbing to the parasitic extraction from people’s lives to benefit the .001%.

Cognitive Therapy For Society: Stopping “Trickle Down Identity Meme’s Maintenance”

Some GOP and corporate Democrats may even be guiltless to the impact of their political activity. A meme acts on a social level what a “schema” does on a personal level. There is a branch of Cognitive Behavior Therapy that even views problems as the transmission of these memes or schemas. I am applying “meme theory” here to social problems. First I used an ancient Zoroastrian analogy and now I am using a more contemporary one: “memes or schemas”!

A Cognitive therapist would help the patient examine “schema maintenance” to break the hold of this “VIRUS OF THE SOUL” on the individual Let us now do this but on a societal level of examination.

Let’s examine each of the three points above as avenues of “schema maintaince”..


1. The Job Interview: The Trickle Down Identity Meme In Action

Every college kid when they graduate goes to a job interview where they experience the trickle down identity meme in action. Back then I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I now realize it wasn’t just me.

The new graduate finds their intelligence is graded by how well they subjugate their individual self interest to the collectivist values of the corporation.

Example “I just read your stock report and was so impressed by …….” Yada yada yada! Who gives a shit your stock went up by X percent. Did it do so at the expense of off shoring some of your workforce? Did it go up due to a reduction in pensions and/or health care?

Now do not get me wrong. Being a team player is important but it requires reciprocation! Does our young job applicant receive the same loyalty back from the corporation? The ideal candidate is to be looking for long term employment with the corporation while the corporation owes no such loyalty in return, nor even a pension if such employment is the result.

I remember my interviews. After being fired up with idealism from my graduation! Then I was confronted with the reality that I was to role play an idiot who placed the values of the corporation’s stock holder over my own in this marriage of destiny!

My intelligence was to be graded by how much fidelity I gave to this marriage of myself and the corporation.

Yet the stock holder had as much fidelity to the marriage of their interest with the corporation as a cheap whore doing a $10 trick! 

The stock holder could break their fidelity to the corporation at a nanosecond’s notice.  While they received the dividends from my pain from loss of pensions and good health care. 

I would provide the fruit of my labor – they would provide the fruit of their ancestor’s over compensation without their labor! 

But in a world where the meme of trickle down identity exists this is called “FREEDOM“! As I grow older and look for retirement I cannot do so at 65 but must wait till age 66. You dear reader if you are younger than me have to wait even latter to receive your full Social Security benefits.

Once again the Trickle Down Identity Meme at work.

Our self interest is the self interest of our social betters! God forbid we should have a capital gains tax increase! Instead let me retire latter and pay a de facto LIFE EXTENSION GAINS TAX!  Make  no mistake we are paying a “life extension gains tax” as a substitution of a increase in the “capital gains tax”! If we have to retire at a latter age that is a “LIFE EXTENSION GAINS TAX”. What is so wonderful is that this is after we work longer hours with less vacation time in the service of the leisure class! Oh yes this is FREEDOM! This is CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

But why not? Our purpose in life is to serve the self interest of our social betters! That is what stupid Americans actually believe today. While Western and Northern Europeans have more time off and less income inequality Americans are losing our vacation time in the service of the leisure class!

This stupidity (the trickle down identity meme)  is maintained by mythologies and numbing diversions.

2. Mythologies Of Entitlement Used By The 1%

I understand that when someone invests money they are taking a risk. At least a middle class person is doing so when they invest in stocks for their retirement or their child’s college education. But when the super rich talk about the need to get giant returns because they are taking risks I believe they should experience what real risk is.

  1. For the investors of Halliburton stock perhaps a stint in Iraq with the military that they make so much money from might fit the term “risk” better than the risk of investing in Haliburton. They are so willing to send our troops to met ISIS maybe they should take the “risk” instead!
  2. Perhaps they should reduce their wealth to that of a middle class American then RISK going to college. After which their job has been off shored but their debt has not!
  3. Maybe they should RISK trying to start a business but how are they going to pay for their health insurance without Obama Care? What will happen to them and their families if they try to become entrepreneurs?  Without universal health care big corporations can worry less about new competition as health care costs are becoming astronomical. How can an aspiring entrepreneur deal with this?

We live in an era where many Americans are dying of lung cancer. Yet these so called believers in the free market actually subsidize the Tobacco industry with our hard earned tax dollars. Furthermore John Boehner  a few years back, actually gave out checks from the Tobacco industry to Republicans in Congress on the House floor while they were taking a vote to subsidize the tobacco industry.

In the video above Congressperson Boehner says he is sorry for doing so on the House floor. But the real issues are why should these contributions even allowed and why are we subsidizing an industry that causes Americans cancer?

Maybe we could use that money instead for cancer treatments or at the very least to subsidize marijuana farmers.

Corruption Of Our Political Processes

The above checks from the Tobacco lobby while the vote for their subsidiary has the appearance of a quid pro pro!

But I will argue that the corruption of our Democracy is far broader. The issue is not even if a candidate’s vote is “purchased” or because they fear corporate money being used against them!

Picture a basket ball game where one team has stronger runners. That team all things being even will out win all others. What this translates to is this.

If a candidate honestly believes in the same values as a corporation and/or the 1% that candidate is more likely to be elected since they will have a bigger war chest.

The “individual politician” may not even be corrupt but the “system” becomes corrupted because of a corporate filter is being placed over the election process. The market has won because instead of “one person – one vote” it is being filtered into “one dollar – one vote”!

The second means of corruption of the “decision making processes our society” is due to:

The unnatural advantage of issue oriented groups who which gain from deep pockets of rich donors  rather than deep citizen commitment. Those answers that are corporate friendly will predominate over the airwaves due to the corruption of “one dollar – one vote” over the principle that every citizen has the same right of free speech! (I have posted a remedy for this and will be posting a quick version shortly.)

3, “Attention Diversions” and “Numbing” As Schema Maintenance Of The Trickle Down Identity Meme

Many Americans are numbed to the extraction process that is taking place in both political parties.

Democrats frequently are part of this processes simply by:

  1. “Playing make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors even though they know better.
  2. Average Democrats get distracted and all worked up defending “poor Barrack Obama” from those mean nasty Republicans! Naturally forgetting that we Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress in the first two years of the Obama Presidency. But because Obama wanted to be a role model of impotence we lost the House in 2010. Barrack Obama role modeled the testosterone free lifestyle in his first two years by not confronting the birthers and newly formed Tea Party as he could not extract his head from Joe Lieberman’s ass! Oh let’s defend Obama so we can fight NAFTA with TPP! Yes that’s “change we can believe in”! The issue has nothing to do with the actions of Republicans. The issue is Barrack Obama chose not to use the Bully Pulpit to advance progressive ideals. I could forgive Obama if he got nothing accomplished if he used the bully pulpit round the clock to change values of and the political landscape. Obama lost the game of psychological warfare with the corporations. Ask yourself why is the word “stimulus” a bad word today? 

For Republicans the process is several fold.

  1. Libertarians numb their followers like the “Council of Fords” in “Brave New World” by advocating legalization of pot. Remember the “feelies” in the book above?
  2. The Christian Right entertains it’s followers with hate diversions of Gays and the joy of doomsday to the masochistic.
  3. Both wings of the party come together for a joyous rapture of “hate the poor” while making their misguiding followers feel they are “special and not like those people!” That is until they become poor.
  4. Some more well off Americans love to believe they are part of the rich when they are just a job loss or hospital visit from poverty. They foolishly believe that since they own stock they are part of the ruling class.

I am so proud that in 2012 I voted Green! This year we will most likely loose the Senate thanks to Barrack Obama being a role model of impotence in advancing the progressive cause. That is is why in 2016 we need to make a stand!

Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2016!