The 14th Amendment: Starving The Tea Party Beast

Politico has reported that many Democrats are calling on President Obama to invoke the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to end the debt crisis. I could not agree more. Though at the end of this article I do cite one problem that no one yet has mentioned. But I will leave that problem to the end.

It is ironic that President Obama, being our nation’s first African – American President, is being asked to invoke an Amendment to the Constitution that is one of the Reconstruction Amendments after the Civil War. But historical coincidences aside I doubt he will have the guts but Progressives must push him!

 Countering The Tea Party Debt Crisis Strategy

The Tea Party is taking advantage of the structural problems of our democracy. We witnessed the Blue Dog Democrats using a similar strategy in the Health Care Debate. A small group can obtain the power to obstruct the majority. Not that mainstream Republicans are even moderate! But if they were not under such intense fear of a Tea Party primary challenge things might be a little calmer.

If Obama had stated outright that he was going to invoke the 14th Amendment the news media would not be giving these idiots in the right wing so much news coverage.

It is simple. Do not feed the Tea Party trolls!

The time has come to use the Republican’s own strategy against themselves!

Starving The Tea Party Beast With The 14th Amendment

As far as the lifting the debt ceiling is concerned, Obama should have used the 14th Amendment weeks ago! Why should we even consider Harry Reid’s compromise bill with all the cuts it involves when we can just shut the Tea Party and move on. At least until a new budget needs to be approved. By advancing the 14th Amendment we would be turning the Tea Party strategy of “starving the beast” against them.

Note when Tea Party people use this slogan they mean that the beast is the power of the national government. Hence by cutting off revenue and forcing a crisis they hope to “starve the beast”.

We should not accept any short term extensions as we posses a nuclear option and we don’t want to “Feed The Tea Party Trolls” who just love the media attention! If Obama did use the 14th Amendment then he would compensate somewhat his image as a poor stare down fighter in the GOP strategy of playing “Chicken”!

Could This Be Part Of An Obama Grand Strategy?

Upon first glance one might consider that Obama planned to pull out the 14th Amendment Option at the last minute after exposing the Republicans and their new found addiction to “Tea”! This presumes that Obama was only faking when he hinted that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and College assistance would be put on the table along with reduced funding for enforcement agencies that Republicans hate!

Wouldn’t that be nice if Obama was just drawing the Republicans into a “Waterloo Scenario”? Expose them for wanting to cut the most popular middle class programs then lay the nuclear option on them?

Sorry folks that is just wishful thinking. Why? Let me introduce you to a new factor that effects the economy of this nation!

O.T.I. – The Obama Testosterone Index

Obama seems to believe that Americans want a calm discussion even at the cost of giving up the New Deal that President Franklin D. Roosevelt worked so hard to achieve!

Yes Americans don’t like negative ads and in polls they will always say that. But the truth is negative ads work and Obama should be throwing “Red Meat” to his base and the middle class instead of the constant capitulation that he has done.

Obama’s has an O.T.I. of zero! Consider:

  • He never pushed for a real job stimulus. In fact he even forgot about the large numbers of unemployed. We gave 160 billion to AIG and about 40 – 50 billion for infrastructure.
  • The Tea Party went nuts on the air waves and Obama did nothing when he should have been using the Presidental bully pulpit to throw red meat DAILY about the income gap and the off shoring of American blue collar and white collar jobs.
  • His kissing of Joe Lieberman’s butt when he should have advocated that the Senate expel Joe Lieberman¬† from the Senate Democratic Party Caucus.
  • Restoring the Bush Tax Cuts! What a wimp!
  • Talking about “shared sacrifice” and the joys of making compromises at the expense of the elderly, college students, American workers, the environment and consumers.

For some of you who just cannot get over the nostalgia of the huge victory that we Democrats won in 2008 let me ask you the very same question that Sarah Palin asked:

“So how is that hopey changie thing working out for you?”

The time has come to ask yourself, “Are you a real Progressive or an Obama groupie”! Are the above bullet points the “Change We Can Believe In” that you voted for in 2008?

Let me end this post with one danger that I do see by a Presidential use of the 14th Amendment.

14th Amendment To Continue A War?

Remember in 2006 when Democrats were in the situation that Republicans are today? The Senate and Presidency were controlled by Republicans but Nancy Pelosi could have used the Constitutional “Power Of the Purse” to end the War in Iraq!

If the House did do that could the 14th Amendment be used by a future President to continue the war? Payment of debt is the issue! Assuming the troops were placed there by a prior consent of the full Congress then wouldn’t their salaries and the debts to all contractors be covered by the 14th Amendment?

Yes the Congress could reverse itself and withdraw it’s permission to use troops but that would be an “active move” requiring both houses of Congress! I am not a lawyer but the issue is interesting. But we may have to open that can of worms to preserve the New Deal.

Just one last question folks!

How the hell did we get from the landslide victory of 2008, with talk of union expansion via “card check” and a real job stimulus with a public option to the situation we are in today? What the Republicans cannot destroy they will “under fund”. Enforcement of Environmental standards,¬† Consumer Protection and almost every Regulatory Agency can be under funded.

The Answer Is O.T.I.

The Obama Testosterone Index! It is zero!


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