The Audacity Of Impotence

Following in that great martial tradition laid down by Nancy Pelosi, who had two years control of the House even before Barrack Obama became President but was to impotent to impeach George Bush or defund the war, our new President joins with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in our Democratic Party’s new “Change We Can Believe In – War Cry”. — “MEOW … MEOW … MEOW”!

Remember when we were told that:

  • Giving pork for deals was wrong? Then why the new “Louisiana Purchase” to get Democratic Senator Mary L. Landrieu to go along with the Health Care Reform bill? Why the selling of Nebraska’s Senator Nelson’s vote to pay for medicaid in his state while other states have to largely fund it themselves?
  • Americans should be able to import cheaper Canadian Drugs but now the Democrats have switched their views!
  • All negotiations on the Health Care Bill would be on C-Span to let have transparency! (See video)
  • Middle Class Americans would not fund this bill but the upper elite would have their taxes raised! – Now the Senate wants to tax those with  union health care insurance.  The so-called “Cadillac Plans! As if it is wrong for a Middle Class person to have some thing decent while the rich are not taxed.
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This is absurd and not what we in the Democratic Party campaigned for! This is NOT “Change We Can Believe In“.  Watch this video above by liberal comedian Jon Stewart he hits the issue hard.

I recently heard California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger blast the Democrats for the way Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson had his vote “purchased”. Nebraska would not have to pay while every other state would for medicaid!  I believe Gov. Schwarzenegger’s criticism is fully justified. As a Governor he has to balance his state’s budget and if the current version of this bill goes through then his budget is even deeper in the hole!

But then again if California goes in the hole it is not for the good of universal health care but for the good of these parasitic corporations that tax middle class Americans via higher premiums and/or reduced services, to finance their K – Street operations on Congress! If Democrats had some testosterone they would be holding Tea Parties against this “Taxation Without Representation”.  The reason our Democratic Party leadership does not want C-Span is they might catch the Democrats in their “meditations”. That’s right they use a particular mantra! The mantra is pronounced “MEOW”!

Some would argue that we need to get any bill though then we can modify it latter! This is nuts!

Will we have 70 votes in the Senate soon? Will Joe Lieberman disappear soon? Even if he did we still have loads of Democrats who join with Republicans to ensure that this Government of the Corporations, by the Corporations and for the Corporations shall not perish from this earth!

We need a President who will not practice the Audacity of Impotence but give us change we can believe in! President Obama must act as the “Pontifix Maximus” and “DEFINE” the issue as the people vs the corporations! He must call on all members of Congress to cut their ties to organized Aristocracy! Everyone is part of this both Democrat and Republican but now is the time to break with the past. He must “use’ his Presidency or loose it! The current so called health care bill is an insurance cartel handout. Democrats will be blamed as we already are for the Wall Street bailout. My God Democrats being called the friends of big business and make no mistake the label will stick unless we stop being the “Party of MEOW“!

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  1. Time for Citizen Funded Elections. The only BOLD move left. The only HOPE… The only CHANGE that will do any real good.

  2. Bravo! I agree. The only issue with citizen funding is that the funding may not be enough. Senator Kerry ran into this problem when he got hit by the Swift Boat Ads and did not have the funds to fight back. We have to deal with two additional issues that I address in my post on the “Separation of Corporation And State”.

    1. You cannot give all candidates the same amount of funds. So we let the citizens decide with their financial vote followed by a “multiplier“. Like you said $100.00 per candidate is fine. No system can be perfect and inflation may require this figure to be raised. So for every $100.00 per citizen a candidate raises the Government will establish a central fund that will multiply that by a factor of say “5” or more. These funds will come from MANDATORY Corporate funding! Hey they could raise funds for their K-Street operation now they can do it for the public good.

    2. Third party adds! These might be attacks on candidate x directly or candidate x’s top issue either pro or con. My solution is that there be absolutely no corporate funding for these groups!

    Finally when are citizens going to have a TEA PARTY that demands an end to the Stealth Tax by these corporations for their K-Street activities that constitutes “Taxation Without Representation“.

    The figures I mentioned above $100 per citizen and the multiplier effect of 5 are not set in stone it is the principle. Also citizens could contribute more just that it would not be multiplied.

    But we do indeed need to fund campaigns and it must be done not on the cheap! Else we will have the 30 second ads that are always negative rather than the 30 minute Ross Perot ads (like him or hate him) that really were informative and thought out.