The Middle Class Versus The Trickle Down Identity Meme

Our nation has been infected by a virus of the soul! I call it the “Trickle Down Identity Meme” This post has significance far beyond the GOP  debates and the 2016 election. The infection of the trickle down identity meme  damages our political landscape and is the modus operandi in maintaining income inequality. Just one example is the recent GOP debate but it even infects many in the Democratic Party. Every GOP debate is the same:

  • A complete rehashing  of right wing ideology that the so called news media running the debate never confronts.
  • Add to that the almost 7 year marathon celebration by Barrack Obama of the TESTOSTERONE FREE POLITICAL LIFESTYLE. One wonders when Progressive values will ever get their day in the eye of the news media.
  • Even more laughable is that Conservatives have succeeded in labeling the news media as having a liberal biases while the Democratic Party meekly accepts that definition.
  • This will only get worse as the effects of the last corporate persons supreme court rulings empower the super-pacs to have dominion over our political landscape.

But don’t worry dear reader Hillary Clinton is coming to bat! She will play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of the donor class.

What we are witnessing today is a VIRUS OF THE SOUL eating away the fabric of our democracy. I call this the “trickle down identity meme”. It is this meme that sustains the popularity of trickle down economics! It is the celebration of the suicide of the middle class in the service of the 1% while making a value of “competition”. It is actually the competition of our roles as “consumer” vs. “employee” while the 1% reap the dividends of our pain! 


The Trickle Down Identity Meme: How Can We Best Serve Our Social Betters?

I have described in detail how this meme works and you can check the links above to get the full background. But basically certain assumptions and definitions are internalized without critical evaluation. This is how it works:

What is good for the 1% is what is good for me! We want to believe we are a land of equal opportunity not equal outcome. Outcome is supposed to be a function of merit. Fact is some are born into a world of trust funds, some do work hard to become rich. But that does not mean the silent majority does not work just as hard.

The issue is not simply working hard but creating value! This sounds fine as we want to reward initiative and effort.

I have no problem with a doctor or a scientist being compensated far more than myself if he/she creates value to society by investing time and money into their education.

I have no problem with investors earning a dividend as long as they contribute back in a fair share of tax for their primarily unearned income! We want to recycle capital back into our society thus investing is desirable.

The point is that investors are not producers rather their money is the producer! Yes it does take some time figuring out what to invest in. But that is one hell of a payback. It is a payback we accept as long as it is termed “unearned income” as compared to the income from a employee or an entrepreneur! The rational reason for accepting this evil is that it does drive our economic engine in a way that central planning could not.

As a society we accept the casino that is Wall Street up to a point.

But when the owner of that capital dies it is time to give back the lion share, if over 1 million to the society that made it possible. This can be invested in competing sovereign wealth funds to help the private sector along with new entrepreneurs.

Rx: Public Capitalism Along With Private Capitalism

These competing sovereign wealth funds will not run the corporations. They will just invest using the same brokerage houses with the same brokers. The dividends will be returned to society or reinvested.

These competing sovereign wealth funds will co-exist with the existing private investment structure. All investments however would continue into the private sector except when a national crisis occurs. Channeling capital to serve the interests of society can be done via soveriegn wealth funds and also tax incentives to private corporations. Example: solar power.

However turning our economy over to a government run system is not the answer. We need the profit incentive. We just do not need the evils that come with unregulated greed making rationalizations and creating mythologies of justification for massive inequality.

Income inequality also makes for an unstable society. Who is going to purchase the goods and services of creative individuals who create start-ups? This is how the old rich keep money and opportunity to themselves by reducing monetary velocity!

That is why the recycling of capital back to the nation that made it’s creation possible is important after the death of the individual via the vehicle of competing sovereign wreath funds.

QUESTION: But what does the government know about investing or running a company?

ANSWER: About as much as the average investor who knows nothing about running a corporation!

Furthermore the average investor has as much loyalty to the corporation as a cheap French whore moaning during a $25.00 trick. That this “moan” is love or loyalty to their “trick mate” is an illusion.

Yet ever year college grads go to job interviews and have to make believe we want to be employed by that company because we are “impressed” by their annual stock holder report! 

We are to subjugate our individual freedom and identity to the corporate collective. Furthermore our very intelligence is graded by these priests of the corporate collective know as “job interviewers”!  

The criteria for that judgement of our intelligence is:

  • How much we internalize the TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY MEME!
  • How much we are perceived to identify the needs of the corporate collective as our own! Yet where is the reciprocal loyalty? 

We Need To Divide And Conquer: Set Investors Versus Entrepreneurs

The right wing uses the concept of divide and conquer:

  • black vs whites vs asian vs latino
  • employed vs unemployed
  • straight vs gay
  • under 65 vs over 65
  • healthy vs sick
  • as individuals in our roles as “consumer” vs “employee”

Well it is time we do the same strategy and unlike the above this deals with real differences. For example Do not confuse the “investor” (private or public) with the “entrepreneur” and/or the latter “corporate executive”.

The latter two, “entrepreneurs” and “corporate executives”,  actually work for a living even if sometimes they are also outrageously compensated for their services and then become mega-investors. They still deserve high pay rates but more along pre-1980 standard. They frequently receive stock as part of their “compenstion package” that is taxed at a lower rate than employees. All this while they “innovate by destroying the compensation packages of their employees then preaching the virtue of self reliance when sickness, old age, or unemployment occur to the silent majority!

The End Of Virtual Royalty And Nobility In A Society Of Equal Opportunity

The purpose of public capitalism is not to overly redistribute wealth but opportunity!

The children of the rich would still get a nice chunk and they would live in a society that cherishes individual opportunity rather than an aristocratic gentry that our founding fathers fought against!

What do the children of the rich then have to fear! THIS IS AMERICA THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY – RIGHT?

With the plan above the children of the rich can enjoy the satisfaction of being productive themselves rather than joining Mitt Romney’s 47% whom he called “moochers”!

In fact the children of the rich will have an advantage of opportunity over the middle class child!

The children of the rich  have their parents as role models!

You know “Rich Dad – Poor Dad”!

So what do their rich parents have to fear concerning their children’s future in this great land that values free competition when they already have their parents as role models?  – Why nothing right?

After all anyone can do it in America with hard work and a “can do attitude” in this great land of opportunity – RIGHT?

Or could it be that the rich really do NOT believe their own hype?

Why not let the rich show their faith by placing the future of their children where their mouths are?  They speak with silver smooth tongues their oratory concerning America as being a “land of opportunity” – right?

Gosh if it is a land of opportunity then why do our social betters invest in China with it’s slave wages? Is their “business model” based on being a “moocher”? Why do they invest in a nation that can become a military threat to the American fatherland?


Again I am NOT against people becoming wealthy and even passing “some” of it on to their children. My problem is when they try to hurt the opportunities of others and become black holes of entitlement sucking in the life blood of this society to become parasites off the pain of the middle class!

Below this video from John Oliver demonstrates the stupidity of not confronting the assumptions that maintain the trickle down identity meme and the resultant trickle down economics!

The Government As Referee In This Game Of Competition

We must stop the right wing from bad mouthing the referee of economic competition – the government! We must preserve this referee and insure that this referee is not corrupted by organized money in the service of economic royalty! We must keep the “system” clean as left to it’s own devices a market place will deteriorate without a referee.

I cannot blame an investor for investing in China when I buy Apple products. I cannot blame an ethical investor for investing in China while the unethical make a profit at the ethical investor’s expense. The game must have a referee other than the players to set bounds else the game rewards the unethical and their behavior. This is where the “referee” must enter the “game”. A referee who is not “purchased” by organized money! That referee must be the unpurchased political institutions of a free people – the government!

I do blame the rich if:

They use organized money to change laws that reward off shoring! In reality the market is not the place to make a political statement. It hurts the moral players be they investors or consumers. Sure some boycotts work. But that places a restriction on the FREEDOM OF THE ETHICAL when it is the unethical that needs to be restricted.

When I go to the market place my funds are limited. It is a subtraction of my personal freedom to make choices based on anything other than economic value.

That is the whole purpose of government to be the referee of this economic game, to inject the VALUES of a free society and to support a social contract of fair play and morality! By setting boundaries the referee (government) establishes a border between ethical and unethical markets. I believe this boundary must include robust tariffs. What a great way to balance the budget, reduce our trade deficit and our national debt! At the same time increasing the freedom of the ethical investor and consumer!

We live in a society of “licentious permissiveness”  that allows the meaning of a good term like “innovation” to be perverted. Instead of a corporation creating an “innovation” based on science, technology, economy of scale, production methodology to get the competitive edge in the production of it’s goods or services they push for the ability to off shore and outsource.

Thus their new model of innovation:

“I want you and You and YOU … to all compete with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks! While I sit back with my ENTITLEMENT to enjoy the dividend check from your pain!”  

This is the “freedom” of an unregulated market place. The creation of a society of necessitous citizens. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said

“a necessitous person is not a free person”. The creation of such a society of necessitous persons with low salaries and little or no vacation and health benefits is called “FREEDOM”! Yes freedom from government regulation! Freedom to live our lives in the service of the corporate collective! What a brave new world! Well not one that I want to live in!

The 1% preach freedom from regulation. Except when such regulations help them as in foreclosing on a home or going after student loan debt and/or credit card debt! Then the government as referee is very important to these effete snobs of privilege! (I love using right wing lexicon in the service of my leftist views).

The reduction of the power of the referee does not equate to more personal freedom! Rather it increases the power of the bully! That is to say individual freedom is lost to the corporate collectivists! 

We as Progressives must wage a constant war against the perverted use of language by those infected with the meme of Trickle Down Identity! Certain assumptions go on challenged and get undergo a Pavlovian “pairing” with positive concepts.

The Lexicon Of The Trickle Down Identity Meme Is Schema Maintenance On A Societal Level

Some  Cognitive Therapists use the concept of the meme as a pathological almost lifeform called a “schema”.

While other psychologists term destructive memes under the term “script theory“! These scripts get unconsciously  internalized from authority figures.

I call it a virus of the soul that is infecting our society. The individual meme I am terming the “Trickle Down Identity Meme”. It’s “schema maintenance” is similar to a pathology that a clinical psychologyist treats but this is on a society wide level and the authors linked to above only use in a clinical setting to individuals. I am advocating that this meme of “trickle down identitty” is a VIRUS OF THE SOUL infecting our society via the internalization of good terms with a pathological spin as follows:

  1. Freedom” = reducing the power of the democratic political institutions of society in order to increase the power of the corporate collective. This involves a two fold approach. First by corrupting the decision making process of a free people by contamination from the donor class and corporate funding. Second by undermining those “regulators” that still exist by underfunding their agency and/or the revolving door.
  2. Patriotism” = The unchallenged assumptions that war is nifty as long as RISK is defined by the noble sacrifice of the social elites to invest in corporations that make a bundle from war profits while their children do not have to take the risk of fighting in the war.
  3. Faith in God” = the most grotesques collection of scriptural passages while ignoring those that deal with inequality.
  4. Taking manly action and not being a victim of circumstances” = taking military action while not considering the implications or if every such action is desirable. Sometimes it is justified and sometimes those on the left feed the right by making believe we live in a sugar candy world. But that aside this terminology has been spun to justify reckless wars while many corporations profit.
  5. Personal responsibility ” = living on a substandard employment compensation while the rich get ever increasing salaries and compensation packages. The 1% thus have a residual income that can be invested while the economic security of the middle class is destroyed. Since investments are not just a pursuit of the 1% this is used to make the middle class investor believe that he/she is actually one of the super rich when in effect we are being dulled into not realizing how precarious our economic security actually is. The rich play an endless game of cassiono finance that puts our lives at risk but if they fail then they get bailed out! All while they talk about “personal responsibility”!
  6. Moochers ” = Those who work full time jobs at sub-living compensation. Frequently the company (COLLECTIVE)  has it’s low paid employees file for government welfare. In effect our society is subsidizing the rich paying substandard wages. But economic uncertainty can even touch those who do get decent salaries. That is why our society needs a better SOCIAL CONTRACT that protects a MIDDLE CLASS LIFESTYLE. A corporation is a moocher if it expects it’s employees to be paid at a level below a living wage. Also insurance must be available to protect against sickness and unemployment.  However to address this INSURANCE means progressive taxation. This would undercut the effete snobs of privilege with their never ending sense of entitlement to their dividend checks (frequently inherited) as opposed to the insurance needs of those who draw a paycheck.
  7. A Producer” = Those who invest. Do not get me wrong I want people to invest. I am NOT against honest millionaires investing money to make a profit. The problem comes when the compensation becomes so top heavy and the income from a pay check is reduced to that of a third world employee. Furthermore investors are NOT entrepreneurs! The latter is the real hero of our economy. Entrepreneurs can be ethical or immoral. The issue  has to do with the following term below.
  8. “Innovation” = this is a desireable thing that needs to be rewarded. “Innovations” can be benign such as  increasing the skill set of employees, scientific research, methodological changes in production all of which are desirable and result in better products and services. But innovations can also be unethical. Such examples are sending slave ships to Africa to bring slaves. That was an “innovation”. Dumping factory waste into the environment and not taking responsibility is a negative innovation which makes the corporation a moocher on society that has to clean up the waste. This brings us to the next “innovation”.
  9. “Free Trade” = using organized money to corrupt the decision making processes of our society in order to bring about the “innovation” of setting us in competition with ourselves as employees vs consumers! “Got to get to Walmart for everyday low prices”. “By the way where did our jobs go?” “What ever happened to pensions in America?” This all occurs while the rich get richer and our economic security as individuals falls in the service of the corporate collectivists. Ah yes and this is called “freedom“!


We Need A Constitutional Amendment To Separate Corporation From State

None of the reforms I listed above can ever take place until we return to the fundemental principle of democracy which is:

One person = One vote! Not One dollar = one vote!

That is why I support Bernie Sanders for President in 2016! GO BERNIE GO!