The Mosque – Obama And Anti-Liberal News Media Biases

As a  Social Democrat I would prefer to deal with the Mosque near Ground Zero after the election because I am admittedly a pragmatist and don’t want the Republicans to win. But after listening to The Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann Shows I have come to the conclusion that there is a case for ANTI-LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA BIASES concerning Obama and the Mosque issue!

First has anyone heard Senator Harry Reid’s full comments on Obama’s flip flop on the Mosque? Senator Reid spoke about the lack of Republican support for those injured at Ground Zero? Since the Republicans seem so intense about the sacredness of “Ground Zero” you would expect them to fork up some cash to those brave first responders! Did the news media make as much of an issue concerning the Republicans not supporting a Democrat bill to provide relief to those first responders who are suffering from the after effects of the WTC pollution? The answer is no! The news media only made an issue of the Mosque, and from most news media reports, the Mosque was going to be on Ground Zero! However the truth is the exact opposite! (See the video below by Keith Olbermann). Why is the news media saying the Mosque is going to be on Ground Zero and why don’t they challenge the Republicans when they say such lies? Why is the news media spinning the truth with a right wing slant? This is not just Fox News where you would expect such nonsense but all the news channels!

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Above is an excellent reply to this issue by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC TV!

Obama Allows Republicans To Hussein His Image

This still does not excuse President Obama opening up this can of worms when we liberals are suffering enough from his lack of testosterone to advance the progressive agenda on health care, Main Street over Wall Street or credit card reform. Then again we have to ask where we would be with out Keith Olbermann and similar progressive commentators such as the Young Turk’s since our Democratic Party politicians seem to be just as wimpy as Obama. (Below is the Young Turk host doing a guest hosting on the Ed Schultz Show).

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Why does Obama “choose” to engage in the Mosque battle when he could have shown some testosterone in the defense of Gay marriage? Instead he made the choice to focus on defending Islam! But then again Obama has his priorities all mixed up to start.  How can you allow month after month of death panel talk to go unchecked? Democrats are so impotent they are allowing Republicans to steal the issue of advocacy of Main Street while they try to label us as the champions of Wall Street. Hmm but then again the money is flowing to Democratic politicians and Harry Reid got loads from the pharmaceutical industry! Gosh golly where did the public option disappear to?

Yes this watered down Health Care Bill and the impotent stimulus is “Change We Can Believe In”? That’s not why I voted for Obama!  We should have been screaming about social class inequality and why we need to repeal not just the Bush tax cuts but the Reagan tax cuts – just to start!

We gave more to AIG then we did to stimulate alternative fuel research and development. We gave more to AIG than to infrastructure repair. Yes “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! Now Obama gets a dose of testosterone to defend the Mosque near ground zero when he should have been using his oratorical skills to attack corporate collectivism in America and the destruction of the Middle Class dream. Democrats should be screaming “Anti – Liberal News Media Biases” about the Mosque not being on Ground Zero and about the Republicans not supporting the relief to the first responders of 9-11. All we hear is “meow”!

The issue is what causes the lack of fire from Democratic Party politicians? Is it just plain impotence or are they tripping over their Wall Street contributors to kiss their butts! Yes I understand the Republicans take corporate money and want to advance their corporate masters agenda. Democrats want to be liberals but need to be elected so they take the money but then find themselves “playing liberal” inside the corporate defined “sandbox”. Even if the Democrats do have their heart in the right place the results are the same!

Obama, Reid and Pelosi – the Troika of Impotence and friends of Wall Street! Play in the sandbox children and don’t worry you will loose that nasty majority in Congress. How can Democrats be such masochists?

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