The Super Committee vs Occupy Wall Street

President Obama had better take note of the changing political landscape created by the Occupy Wall Street patriots who are throwing their bodies literally into the defense of the Silent Majority! I predict that they will gain even more popularity when the automatic trigger goes into effect and results in cuts to the safety net. Or worse yet we have a compromise and Obama caves in even more!

Below Senator Bernie Sanders discusses the upcoming deficit fight.

The time for compromise is ended. We need to roll back not simply the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan and JFK Tax Cuts as well! Economic patriotism demands these roll backs!

We need to go back to the “good ole days of President Dwight Eisenhower” when we had a 91% progressive income tax and a robust inheritance tax!

In those days we had strong unions and little off shoring of both blue and white collar jobs! A stimulus worked because of the “multiplier effect” that echoed inside our “national economy”! Yet we still had entrepreneurship that resulted in millionaires! They did it the ole fashion way – they earned it!

Today a stimulus does not create a “multiplier effect” as it does not echo inside the confines of a national economy but rather Walmarts it’s way off shore. But then again that is a theoretical issue as this President never gave us a real stimulus to begin with!

The Occupy Wall Street Movement Are Patriots For American Values

The time has come in this nation for a return to our core values! We are faced with a moral dilemma! No one wants to injure innovation that creates wealth when all benefit. The problem is that these “innovations” that the market has rewarded are not rewarding to the United States of America and it’s silent majority!

We live in an era when “innovation” means shipping our jobs, wealth and technology off shore while our social betters reap the dividends of this extraction processes and sing the “Globalization Internationale“!

Meanwhile China becomes more powerful. Instead of building our military budget even more to offset this wouldn’t it have been better to build our nation’s economy first? That would require economic patriotism! But in this era of corporate personhood, the concept of economic patriotism takes second seat to making a buck!

Corporate Personhood In A Nanny Environment

The conservative bleeding hearts want us to support their effort to create a nanny environment for these new corporate persons while our political decision making processes are polluted by their ability to lobby and finance candidates of both parties! Just look at the current political discusions! There is not the slightest effort to restore a balance in trade nor American jobs.

Obama has even signed a new free trade agreement into law! Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”!

The #Occupy Wall Street movement is in part a reaction to the off shoring of white collar college graduate jobs as well as blue collar jobs. Couple this with the fact that college students have placed themselves in debt with the promise of the American dream of a college degree. Now they are finding themselves in debt and without a job!

This is the “innovation” that our social betters have created! The issue we face now in America is what do we value more?

  • The income from a paycheck or from a dividend check?
  • Further does one really earn or deserve to receive millions per year as compensation? What did they contribute to society?
  • The Progressive Income Tax is just reality’s way of  saying “howdy” to the 1% and their sense of entitlement!
  • Where is the cure for cancer or aids? No instead we have the innovation of “derivatives” and turning our economy into a casino parlor!

The Super Committee Will Face Occupy Wall Street While Obama Meows

Obama has abandoned “change we can believe in”! The #OWS movement has taken up the cause of “Change We Can Believe In” while Obama has taken his PAC money from Goldman Sachs! No this is not right wing propaganda but facts that you can verify for yourself at Just click on the link above!

We are  supposed to send our Congresspersons to Washington DC to represent us. But instead most Democrats are “playing” progressive inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox! We need to ban corporate money from politics.

While Barrack Obama has become a pussy cat and abandoned “Change We Can Believe In” there are new patriots converging on the capital even now. See the short video below!

I have had enough of Obama! What is he going to sacrifice next!

There is going to be a confrontation between  The Super Committee vs Occupy Wall Street!  While FoxNews distorts their message these patriots have to use the “people’s microphone“!

That is a term for them repeating each sentence of a speaker at their meetings because they are not allowed to use electronic speakers. Meanwhile the “corporate persons” are to have their “free speech” protected by being allowed to fund SuperPACS from their corporate treasuries! That money comes from the sale of a corporation’s goods and services that we buy.

We are being taxed without representation by these new “corporate persons” while real people like the occupy wall street protesters have to use the “people’s microphone”!

Meanwhile as all this happens Obama continues his pathetic meow! Why isn’t Obama emulating FDR who crusaded up and down this nation against the power of “organized money” and the “economic royalists”?

Instead all we have from President Obama is his testosterone challenged agenda to destroy the New Deal. The Occupy Wall Street Movement has picked up the mantle of “Change We Can Believe In”. I only wish that Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean would declare their candidacy and challenge Obama and do it for real to win! This would constitute an excellent outcome of the inevitable super committee vs occupy wall street confrontation between the 1% and the 99%!


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