Time For A Progressive Tea Party

As a Bernie Sanders Progressive, I lost some of my mojos when Hillary Clinton got the nomination. I still resent that Hillary Clinton got a preview of the debate questions. I voted for Jill Stein, and by God, I still have NO REGRETS that I did that.

The Democratic Party had to be purged of corporatists who play “make believe liberal” inside the monied sandbox of their corporate donors. This will now bring about a radical rearmament of the left. Hopefully without some the baggage. But I will detail that in a future post.

Donald Trump is the legacy of Obama’s celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle.

  • Would Trump allow himself to be called “foreign born”?
  • Would Trump just stand by while being accused of killing Americans in death panels?

Obama’s legacy is the castration of the Progressive message. He did so by:

  1. His failure to stand up to the right-wing bullies. If you do not stand up to the LIE, then liars become normalized. AKA “Birther Donny.”
  2. Being in bed with the banksters, supporting TPP, while his buddy Debbie Wasserman – Schutz went to bed with the pay day loan sharks! Yet we are supposed to just “make believe” this did not happen.  We are to “make believe” that Debbie Wasserman – Schultz did not orchestrate Hillary Clinton’s nomination. After all, Obama is our first African – American President and we had the chance for a second “shiny tin object”, Hillary Clinton. No, I am fed up with banksters masquerading as Democrats.

Again I am glad I voted for Jill Stein and have NO REGRETS. I would do it again!

Trump Will Boast The Democratic Progressive Wings Testosterone

Yes, we had to pay a price.

But the Democratic Party had to be purged We are witnessing even now the rise of a Progressive style Tea Party. This has occurred because we are FREE of the burdens of the Clintons and Barack Obama!

In the video below Obama predicts the rise of a LEFT WING Tea Party and he states he is opposed to this. This video was made last year before the election.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would rather watch our factories turn to graveyards, while both American blue and white collar jobs get offshored in the service of our social betters. Obama even said so last year on the Chris Matthews show.

While all this occurs they whine and pine for “education”.

Really? So every blue collar worker is going to be a computer programmer?

But the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have even off-shored those jobs and will ship out the rest.

They do this while their enablers in the Democratic Party pick up corporate campaign gifts. But it gets even worse. Some jobs were not off shored. That is where the H1-b Visa program comes in. This program brings in low paid Indian high-tech workers to destroy the careers of American college grads. But with a special twist.  Those who loose their jobs have to train their foreign replacements! 

This is the America that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would give us all while they whine about the need for a higher education! Disney World tried to do this to their computer programmers but they met steep resistance. All this while Obama and the Clintons preach higher education.

Progressives Need To Stand Up For Economic Nationalism

Donald Trump is not the answer but his presidency gives the left a great opportunity.

Notice even today you hear the sneers of these corporatist pseudo-progressive sell-outs saying that:

American factory jobs are lost due to robotics! Really? Why then are these robots in China working to serve the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS?

Yes, it is true robotics are causing a reduction in factory jobs but that is not the reason why those factories are off-shored.

The CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS want to bring about an America where every citizen lives in a state of dependency! Their great “invocation” is as follows:

I want you and You and YOU to all compete for smaller and fewer PAYCHECKS. While I sit back with my ENTITLEMENT to enjoy the DIVIDEND CHECK from your pain!

They not only have us compete with each other but compete with ourselves in our roles of “consumer” ( I want cheap prices) vs our role as a “employee”!

This is the America that the Republican Party establishment strives to bring about. They have funded “make believe liberals” like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be their enablers.

The Temporary Pain Of Trump May Have Benefits For Progressives

How can that me you say? Well without the numbing, testosterone draining Barack Obama, a new Left-Wing Tea Party can emerge!

  • Many of the bad points of Trump can be held in check by an activist Democratic Party with some moderate Republicans.
  • The “addiction of globalization” will take  pain to break. If Bernie Sanders where President then he would get the blame. Now Trump will be blamed for the pain while Progressives can move after the fall.

When Trump imposes his tariff there will be a great amount of pain as the addiction of globalization is broken.

Walmart will no longer be the Mecca for Trumpites as it’s prices will go up! A tariff war may occur but it is worth it to break this “globalization addiction”. Again, if Bernie Sanders imposed the tariff then he would get the blame. The pain will come first before the benifits. But this addicition must be broken.

It will take a tough leader like Trump to break this addiction to globalization.

We can join with moderates in the GOP to block the bad points of a Trump presidency. President Trump does have some good points that Progressives and back him. These include the following:

  • infastructure renewal.
  • a strong robust tariff to bring American blue and white collar jobs back.
  • putting the pharmaceutical companies in their place. Trump wants to allow Medicare to negotiate for drug prices. This is a big break from Republican orthodoxy.
  • End the H1-B Visa program.
  • Stopping the rotating door of Government executives to lobbyists.
  • Some type of deal with Russia may be good.


What about the 11 million illegal aliens?

I believe we can be merciful and give one more amnesty while taking strong action that we are not in the same situation in another 10 years. I will leave that for a future post.

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