To Big To Fail: Time To Break Up The Banks

I believe the Democratic Bill is still to weak! We need to break up the big banks. While I like the “Young Turks” (See video below) I question how the banks are going to raise the money for payments into the new  Insurance Fund! We know that the money is going to come from higher interest rates on mortgages and credit cards to pay for their casino insurance  fund. I prefer to break them up right now from the start! Let me ask my readers a very important question!

When are Democrats going to deal with the issue of “USURY”? Some credit card companies are setting their rates at 29.9%. That is economic slavery! Where are the Democrats? President Obama has received heavy campaign contributions from Wall Street and the Health Insurance Industry! Yes I still support Obama and I realize that in this day and era a candidate needs money. But the time has come to stand up for the Silent Majority of America’s Middle Class! BAN USURY plain and simple! Break up the big financial institutions. To big to fail means to big to exist in a free society!

I believe we Democrats need to go for the juguler. Hasn’t Obama learned from the Health Care Debate that he is not going to have Republicans join him. Well that is except to attend his funeral! The time has come to bury these right wing nut jobs. Make the Bank Reform Bill more populist and  left leaning! Break the big banks up! Please… Please let the Republicans filibuster! That would be a God send for the November elections!

For God’s sake Mr. President get some testosterone! Yes the Republicans are going to get more votes this November because they smeared the Health Care Bill. But under Obama we Democrats have been nothing but impotent little wimps when we should have been lions this past year! Many Americans have swallowed the Republican lies but even more important, President Obama has single handedly turned off his base! He has no one else to blame but himself when he fails to mobilize the Democratic base to go to the polls or work the streets for him this fall!

Here is a golden opportunity to regain momentum! Republicans have actually made some Americans believe that they are for Main Street while Democrats are for Wall Street. For God’s sake President Obama:

  1. Increase the regulations in the reform bill.
  2. Use the bill to break the big banks and investment companies up!
  3. PLEASE make the Republicans filibuster this bill! What a great opportunity to take back the momentum!
  4. Start a massive round the clock and across the nation appeal to Main Street America. Up the rhetoric and unleash Vice President Biden as the left’s answer to Spiro Agnew!

We need to use the lingo of CLASS WARFARE! Oh dear now did I say something wrong! Well Mr. President if you are going to sit by while you are accused of being:

  • A Nazi
  • Communist
  • Muslim
  • Atheist
  • Kenyan
  • Anti Christ

Then do nothing, well you deserve to fail! Just don’t bring down the liberal Democrats who put you in office! The time has come to use the rhetoric of GREED!

Why should anyone be making millions per year even if their company does not go under? What did they contribute to society? Did they create a cure for cancer, world hunger or aids? The progressive income tax is just reality’s way of saying “hello” to the illusions of entitlement of our social betters! These right wing nut jobs have no problem using “greed” to divide middle class Americans against each other or to place the labels I listed above on President Obama! Come down to reality Mr. President, this is not “Silly time in politics”, it is your waterloo. Even with the “victory” in Health Care your base is numb and the Middle Class is deserting you because they believe the conservative nonsense!

Here is a golden chance to appeal to GREED! Yes you know the thing that runs our glorious capitalist free market system – GREED! Go for it Mr. President and expose the Republicans as the friends of Wall Street. While we are at it how about a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Supreme Court decision making corporations as persons!

I don’t want corporations sticking their hands into my wallet to pay for their K-Street activities. That is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! Stand up to these effete snobs of privilege or loose big Mr. President! We have had it!  The Republicans are trying to bring back the era of robber barrons and create “Two Americas“!

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