To Hillary Clinton And Obama: American Jobs Matter

Corporate America does not need the GOP when it has such friends as Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Obama’s interview with Chris Mathews includes some disturbing aspects of Obama that have not been addressed.  The Huffington Post just ran an article stating that Republican billionaires love Obama’s TPP trade deal.  Yes we know TPP will screw every working American but what Obama said in his recent interview on MSNBC’s “Hardball” was a real eyeopener and in this post I want to alert you to some details whose implications are really disturbing from the Progressive and American prospective.

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have internalized the belief;

“What is best for our social betters is what is best for America! To subordinate individual freedom to the collectivism of the corporation is the highest ideal of human consciousness.”

I have called this the “Trickle Down Identity Meme“. If you do not confront this meme you cannot confront it’s off spring, “trickle down economics”!

I know you may think this is just another tirade by this author against Barrack Obama for betraying the Progressive base that elected him. But I ran across a video of Senator Bernie Sanders lashing out at Alan Greenspan in 2008 for saying that American middle class factory jobs are lost forever and we should just move on.

The problem is now in 2015 our beloved champion of “change we can believe in“, Barrack Obama has said EXACTLY the same thing as Alan Greenspan in an interview with Chris Matthews on April 21st. But Obama is even a bigger advocate for the trickle down identity meme than Alan Greenspan as I shall demonstrate in this post!

First the video of Allan Greenspan being grilled in 2008 by Bernie Sanders. The entire short video is relevant but the particular is at the 1:50 mark. Senator Bernie Sanders mentions not only blue but white collar jobs being lost.

Alan Greenspan was Ayn Rand’s side kick and disciple. But when acceptance of the loss of America’s manufacturing base  comes from Barrack Obama the time has come (actually it came long ago for this writer) to call out Barrack Obama for being the wimp that he is!

Obama seems to believe a higher education is the solution to everything! How when white collar techie jobs are being off shored and H1-b indentured servants are being imported into America so the remaining tech jobs can be outsourced?

Watch the video below where Chris Matthews interviews Barrack Obama. You can move the scroller to the 9 min. mark. Note commercial is from MSNBC not myself.


Both Obama and Greenspan believe our manufacturing base is a thing of the past!

Gosh golly folks is it just me but if Republicans are so concerned about national defense doesn’t anyone see the implications in this?

If China goes for a military showdown with America will we be in the same situation as we were in 1941 with Japan?

Hell no!  In 1941 our military was not ready. BUT WE HAD AN INDUSTRIAL BASE AT HOME!

Now things are different!


Forget about Christian right wingers and their forecast of the end times using the Bible and the Book of Revelations. If you are a patriotic Republican then I suggest you study Karl Marx. Why?

Because Karl Marx predicted the down fall of the capitalist system from it’s own internal inconsistencies! We are seeing the fulfillment of that prediction today with the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS SELLING OUT AMERICA by their off shoring of American jobs, science and our future to their fellow collectivists – Red China!

My God as a leftie Social Democrat even I have to wonder if the John Birch Society maybe was on to something concerning the collaboration of the rich with America’s enemies! But don’t worry dear reader if things heat up with China the cut and run capitalists will be back to make a killing while your sons and daughters get killed in a war that they enabled!

Obama Has Sold Out To The Cut And Run Capitalists

Did you hear the points Obama made in his interview with Chris Matthews above? I want you to really focus in on the particulars Obama is advocating.

President Obama basically said:

“the manufacturing job ship has sailed and it is not coming back! But we can do things that we do best like the service industry!”

Chris Mathews, who was interviewing him let that statement pass. But I will not!

WHAT? Devote the remaining American economy to the creation of derivatives and junk bonds in the service of the banksters? Did you hear what Obama said in the interview above? He believes the “service sector” is where our future lies. Goldman Sachs must be very happy.

Listen to Obama and stop making excuses for this wimp.

  1. Not only does he want to surrender our industrial base so we can turn America into a cassino for derivatives and the financial services industry but the idea of raising the tariff to pull back American jobs and technology is beyond him!
  2. He then talks about letting American corporations enter new markets. Yes but they are no longer American corporations but multinational with no loyalty to America. If they enter the TPP markets to sell what is to prevent the manufacturing of those goods to be done in China by the Cut and Run Corporations? Again the “trickle down identity meme”. – “What is good for corporations is good for us”! – No way!
  3. Obama then talks about the need to protect intellectual property. Fine good idea but not if these corporations are no longer American. What so they can sell these “innovations” to make a profit at our expense?
  4. Obama is for Intellectual property protection while at the same time willing to talk about tort reform that is the last line of defense for the American consumer!
  5. Perhaps the fear of intellectual property loss serves as an inhibitor for further off shoring! Remove that inhibition and the cut and run corporations get protection to off shore even more! Where is the protection for America and it’s citizens from more off shoring! Will we be enabling China even further to undermine our national security?

I am fed up with Obama and the Clintons.

To make the world safe for banksters, plutocrats and Cut And Run Capitalists – Listen to the wimp Obama in the video above!

Stop Believing Poor Obama Is The Victim Of Republicans When He Celebrated The Testosterone Free Lifestyle

Open you eyes! Due to Obama we lost a golden opportunity to educate the public in 2009 after the election. Barrack Obama was elected president  with an overwhelming majority in 2008, with control of both Houses of Congress but he would not push for the Progressive Agenda, nor for fast tracking that agenda. But he is for fast tracking TPP.

If Obama in 2009 had pushed the then Democratic controlled Congress and DOJ we had the chance to turn every nightly news cast into:

  • An examination of how the banksters got us into the slump
  • The  destruction of aggregate demand due to income disparity.
  • The virtue of an economic stimulus and the “multiplier effect” that needs to be rescued from the devastating effects of free trade.
  • An examination of how we got into Iraq which destroyed lives and our balanced budget. Instead Obama counts the virtues of austerity!

Our youth lost hope. Not because the GOP blocked Obama but because he allowed his contributors’ money to block him. Obama scored a victory for apathy among the young.

There Is A Solution To Obama’s TPP

The time has come to stand up for America and take our nation back from the Cut and Run Capitalists and their stooges! Support Bernie Sanders in the primaries and if he loses to Hillary Clinton then as a third party candidate in the election!

Quick Links For Reference

I embeded only one part of the Chris Mathews interview above. If you would like the full reference raw footage I have listed it below along with suggested points you can move the slider to. Referencing the slider may be easier directly on the MSNBC site links below.

  1. Slide to the  8 minute mark in the first video
  2. Also slide to 1 minute mark in the second video. Else you can just read along.


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