Tom Daschle’s Taxes: It’s A Patrician Kind Of Thing

Yes I am a left leaning soy eating liberal. Yes I know many are starting to wonder what the hell is going on now with President Obama and the Democrats first choosing someone for Treasury Secretary who had tax problems! Now we have the Health And Human Services Secretary nominee, Tom Daschle kind of forgetting to pay a mere $128,000.00 dollars not because he was low in funds but because he kind of forgot about it! Hey we all forget things as we get older!

I took the unpopular position to keep Trojans in the Stimulus package in a prior post and then in my next post I wondered about the bill asking, “where’s the beef”, though I know where the pork is! But I want all my fellow Democrats to breath a big sigh of relief at Tom Daschle’s tax problem. Oh sure we could be like some members of the public like the individual in the short video below who raises an important question. But not only will I answer his question, and allay your fears in the process, but will juxtaposition Tom Daschle with that of the leader of the Republican Party! Who is that you say? Why Rush Limbaugh! But first let’s hear a question from a member of the general public! His question is legitamate then I will answer as stated. (See the short video below).

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Well I can understand this guy’s aggravation! But wait there is a simple answer why Obama’s two recent picks did not pay their taxes!

It isn’t because they are Democrats!


It’s not because they are Liberals!


You see even Rush Limbaugh agrees when you listen to and understand  his video below!


Tom Dashle and Tim Geithner don’t have to pay their taxes because IT’S A PATRICIAN KIND OF THING!


As Rush Limbaugh says in the video below, we have to support our social betters! That is what “FREEDOM” is all about. But if we vote “Democrat” then at least we get the “NICE PATRICIAN”. Rather than that nasty Rush Limbaugh or George Bush type Patrician! What the hell the Democrats are right! Maybe adding all those extras now to the national budget is the right thing to do as we will not have another chance! That is because Bush screwed up this economy so bad we will loose the next election even if jobs do come back!

Why will we loose? Because when Obama goes up for re-election that is when the “inflation” is going to hit big time! So relax! It’s Ok that Geither and Daschle did not pay their taxes!  Let’s push our spending agenda now while we can (and I mean that even though I am being a cynic). The whole economy will take a decade to correct itself and thus cost us the next election. But then again that nut job in North Korea will probably invade South Korea and we will have a major war which will raise “aggravate demand” and may fix the economy! We will then use that as an excuse to not pay our debt to North Korea’s ally “China”!  But then again the dollars the Chinese hold will be worthless anyway due to the coming inflation. Look on the bight side,  China’s dollar holdings will be a reduced percentage of our money supply due the wonders of the “printing press”! God Bless America! So enjoy Congressional control while we have it. That’s what George Bush has done for America!

So don’t worry about Tom Daschle and Geitner not paying taxes!  Our only choice is between GOOD PATRICIAN OR BAD PATRICIAN! Speaking of which lets listen to the leader of the Republican Party and hear the bad Patrician!

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Well thank you Rush. (I hope you listened to the video above). I feel so sad for my social betters. So what we could have spent the money that we did on AIG and had Universal Health Care instead! I want FREEDOM from economic security and Health Care! That way we can be more dependant on the “CORPORATE COLLECTIVES THAT EMPLOY US AND THAT RUN K-STREET! I am glad we spent the money on AIG rather than Universal Health Care! We Middle Class Americans should know our place and place our SOCIAL BETTERS interest before our own!  Just like Rush Limbaugh says. That’s what “FREEDOM” means to Republicans! Well if Rush and the “Bad Patricians” had their way Social Security would have been “Privatized” and just think how wonderful that would have been!

So as far as Dashle and Tim Geithner are concerned I prefer the “Good Patricians” rather than the bad Patricians because that is the only choice I have. My only concern is not that they are being appointed but rather what the effect will be on the general public as illustrated by the first video. I suggest you do as I have done and join Common Cause! Maybe some day we will have more of a choice then between “Good Patrician vs. Bad Patrician“!  There now do you feel better?

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