Top Ten Reasons Republicans Get Away With The Filibuster

Actually it started before Barrack Obama became President. Democrats have been playing their favorite party game of “masochism”! We had a majority in the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi did not use her constitutional mandate to end the financing of the Iraq War. This allowed Republicans to see that most Democrats don’t have the testosterone to stand up to Republicans!

When you required only a simple majority in the House to stop the unfunded vast wild eyed Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq under Bush and you don’t do it in that environment, then what chance do you stand now in the Senate? In the House they cannot filibuster while in the Senate Republicans can filibuster! One word can sum it all up, “impotence”! When Wall Street gets away with murder and we Democrats don’t stand up to them then you have to ask, “Is that the change we voted for”?

Below is my Top Ten List why we liberals are loosing and what to do about it!

  1. Failure to stop the Iraqi War funding under Bush! Democrats as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi don’t have the guts to play “Chicken” and run head on into the Republicans. Oh dear that would be considered unpatriotic to subjugate our nation to this in a time of crises! Really when are we not in a crises!
  2. President Obama said in the primary fight that he does not want to continue the same old college dorm discussions of the past. He likened all the candidates to college students in the 60’s while he was to young and hence different. Barrack Obama said it is time to bring politics out of the 60’s dorm discussions of the past. Well President Obama look around you! This is not “Silly Season” in politics! If you were in those college dorm discussions of the hippie era you would understand that being forceful with Republicans is essential! This is not “Silly Season” but impotence season!  Further it is the betrayal of the mandate that put you in office. President Obama you must learn the lessons of history. Republicans laugh at weakness! They make Americans then laugh at liberals. They did that to George McGovern. During the Vietnam War they wrapped themselves in the American flag. They are calling our President a foreigner and a communist. That is when they are not calling him a nazi and a Muslim. This is not “Silly Season” Mr. President! This is a replay of the 60’s when us older hippies learned how Republicans wage “psychological warfare”.  Learn that lesson well Mr. President! You will in November!
  3. Joe Liebermann should have been thrown out of the Democratic Caucus right from the start! By doing so we would be signaling that we are not pursuing a super-majority strategy! We appear liberals then appear weak and the Blue Dogs get brave! Liebermann is constantly with Republicans and campaigned against Obama! Senator Liebermann has even stated he does not know what he would do if the Republicans took control of the Senate! Throw the bum out! Show some guts!
  4. Not calling for Republicans to formally filibuster! Because of that the majority of Fox News Informational Challenged Individuals seem to believe the hold up is because Obama cannot get all the Democrats on board! Wrong we don’t need them! We just need to vote as in the past!
  5. The Louisiana Purchase and Corn Husker Compromise! This is an extension of the Liebermann problem! Look at the costs and benefits! Many voters in Massachusetts stated that was a key reason they voted Republican. Senator Ben Nelson who was so against “Socialism” wanted full federal funding for Medicare! Meanwhile those in Massachusetts, who already have health care, don’t see why they should fund Nebraska’s Corn Husker Payoff! This was indeed paying for votes. I don’t care if it has been done before. We voted for Obama to end that!
  6. It’s The Economy Studpid! Job losses are at an all time high. Yes it does take time for the stimulus to act. But we gave AIG via TARP somewhere around 180 billion! That seems to be the only “shovel ready” item the public sees. But then again the amount we are devoting to infrastructure is much smaller. Republicans are playing themselves as the champions of Main Street while labeling Democrats the champions of Wall Street.
  7. Failure To Play The CLASS Card! Oh dear now did I say something bad here! We see the Republicans playing American against American yet when are we going to face the real issue! If you are Middle Class and have self respect then you must demand some type of remediation when someone is earning millions per year! What contribution are they making to society? They are so much smarter than me. After all they have to decide to which foreign country to ship our blue collar AND white collar jobs! We cannot get involved in the details of compensation but we can have a robust Eisenhower era 90% Progressive Income Tax! Yet these folks get away with calling Obama an elitist! The Progressive Income Tax is just Reality’s way of saying “hello” and that we care! By focusing on extreme compensation differences we would give the unemployed, and those who fear losing their jobs, a means to vent their energy at Republicans instead of us while the stimulus moves through the economy. But make no mistake about it!  The money we spent has been lopsided!
  8. Playing right into Republican strategy! Sorry to tell you this folks but the majority of Americans don’t give a krap that 30 – 45 Million Americans lack health care! They do care that they might become one of them or that the care they have will rise through the ceiling! Americans are scared right now with job losses at record highs! Republicans are playing the “have” vs the “have nots”! Democrats are falling right into the trap! We need to also focus on how the average American will benefit from Universal Health Care and that includes a strong Public Option! If the cost of getting insurance for those without insurance is the loss of the Public Option then we will see our insurance premiums rise! If the system keeps going on as it is then premiums  are expected to rise. Without a Health Care Reform the Republicans will take the blame. If we pass a weak one then we will take the blame!
  9. Clinton’s Impeachment Went Unanswered! America stood by while the Republicans had a field day of self righteousness concerning the sins of Bill Clinton! Yes I realize Bill Clinton lied. But then so did Bush and the result was thousands of American lives lost in Iraq and the threat of Al Qaeda went unanswered in Afghanistan and Pakistan! Opium in Afghanistan is at record levels funding the enemies of America who are next door in a nuclear armed Pakistan that has scientists who support Al Qaeda. But did Democrats try to impeach Bush? Oh dear we wouldn’t want to do that! This is the reason we are being blocked right now with over 100 bills being filibustered! The Republicans know they can act without consequences!
  10. Democrats adopt the mantra of “MEOW”! We have already seen from the top of the list that Democrats will not stand up for liberal values! They are too timid! Imagine now that we have a Republican President who has a bare bones majority in both Houses of Congress! Do you think he would be as weak as Obama? The Republican’s behavior now is predicated on the premise that there will be little or no consequences to their behavior in the future. Unfortunately they are correct! They do not fear a reign of Democratic Party filibusters as they know Democrats will just sit and meditate on their navels while chanting their pathetic castrati mantra of “MEOW… MEOW…. MEOW”!  Oh yes then they will whine that this is just the “silly season in politics”! Meanwhile they will tax those in the Middle Class who have decent health care plans!

The time has come to stop jobs from being shipped overseas and to raise the progressive income tax! You would think that these executives actually earned their money the way some folks wail for them! Instead of a “tax calendar” where Americans learn how many days into the new year they have to work before their pay is their own rather than tax I have a new proposal! Every company should publish a calendar for each employee telling them how many days into the new year they will have to work before their salary equals just one day of the executives! Many will work past into future years! We need capitalist incentives to motivate innovation. But innovating by moving American jobs, technology and wealth to foreign lands, frequently the enemies of America, is not the “innovation” I believe the Silent Majority of Americans have in mind!

We liberals and progressives have had enough of this pathetic lack of attack by Democrats! I want UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE. The public option was a compromise! I prefer to let the Republicans filibuster till hell freezes over if we don’t get a strong Public Option. Else the costs of health care insurance, which are forecast to rise, will be blamed on Democrats!

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