TPP: Cut And Run Corporations Sing Globalization Internationale

The CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS are singing their “Globalization Internationalie” while Barrack Obama has become their enabler and patron.

Ross Perot said that NAFTA would cause a huge “sucking sound” as American jobs would be extracted out of America to benefit the few! Because of this job extraction we are living in an era where stimulating the economy does not produce an echo chamber of prosperity for the middle class as it once did.

To create that echo chamber we must have manufacturing done in America. But our factories are being off shored, as our high tech jobs are also going overseas. Remember when computer tech support was also done in America? – Gone! Yet to hear Obama all we need to do is train American blue collar workers for computer jobs! We Democrats are supposed to look the other way!

Years ago if we had government stimulation of the economy then  consumers would have more money in their pockets that they would spend! If the government hires unemployed people then these people can stick their hands in their pockets and make purchases. Thus increasing “aggregate demand“.

When consumers purchased American goods and services it supplies other Americans and their employers with an income stream. But the virtuous echo chamber of prosperity has been smashed by the Clinton with NAFTA. Now it only stimulates the Walmart family and China.

Government spending now has a reduced “multiplier effect” on the economy!

Naturally you would expect our beloved hero of “change we can believe in” to right this wrong?

But instead our President, the 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC winner Barrack Obama has added his own free trade treaty and now wants to push TPP on us.

Oh Obama we progressives are simply not worthy of you! I am sure if we Progressives work hard in supporting our Blessed Obama then he will grace us  to see a “grand compromise” where we can weaken that nasty Social Security, Medicare and environmental laws. – You know “change we can believe in”!

Obama you pathetic mealy mouth Goldman Sachs sanctioned  little wimp this is not the “change we can believe in” that got us out to support you in 2008.

Ross Perot was right and those who made fun of him where wrong as the short video below makes clear.

In this era of “licentious permissiveness” (to use right wing rhetoric) it is considered wrong to put limits on corporate behavior. In this brave new world “law and order” have no place in the lives of our new corporate persons to stem their ever growing “sense of entitlement“!

Obama The 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC Winner Supports TPP

Below Thom Hartmann and his guest  explain not only the TPP but also how Obama is trying to get “fast track” authority to push this monster on America.



Thom Hartmann raises an interesting question.

How can Conservatives support such a Treaty when it would give trans-national corporations the right to sue our states and municipalities to comply with the TPP?

In America today few listen to those on the other side. Well despite my fire brand rhetoric I actually do listen to Conservatives and get some of their news letters. Guess what?

The Tea Party Is Against The TPP

I received an email news letter from a Tea Party group which they also posted on the web. Please check it out as it includes big names in the Tea Party. Apparently many Tea Party members are as appalled by the TPP and NAFTA as we Progressives are. Now the Tea Party may have received their initial funding from Republican money handlers but their members hate NAFTA and the TPP as much as we do.

Thom Hartmann in the video above does not seem to realize that.

While we Progressives realize that TPP is a symptom of the sickness of unregulated markets, the Tea Party sees it as the evil work of communism and perhaps some zanny Illuminati conspiracy.

They believe Obama is:

  • a Kenyan who really is an evil white hater.
  • euro-socialist (that is because we all know there are no white people in Europe!)
  • atheist
  • Muslim who wants to impose the worst type of Sharia Law on America! You know “Gay Sharia Law”! Hey why did he allow Gays in the military? 🙂
  • a Nazi as the we all know Nazis had legions of Black troops. you know the “black shirts”.  🙂
  • A Communist
  • A Kenyan Keynesian – well both words sound alike, now is there a difference if you are a Tea bagger?

While I welcome the Tea Party joining us to fight TPP and NAFTA I disagree entirely disagree with them about Obama!

Obama is none of the above.

Obama is merely a testosterone deficient pathetic wimp who is also a corporate shrill and has sold out the base. But I will leave that subject for other posts and get back on topic here concerning the TPP.


Cut And Run Capitalists Sing Globalization Internationale


The CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS sing their “Globalization Internationale”  while they divorce themselves from loyalty to the nation and flag that gave them birth, protection and profits! These effete snobs of privilege consider themselves above an American identity!

With their PACS and now Super-PACS they have placed American democracy into a “corporate sandbox” where politicians from both parties increasingly play “make believe democracy”. Politicians need money to run for office and thus they cannot break out of the “corporate sandbox”.

Let us examine Iran as an example of a controlled democracy.

Iran does hold elections with rival candidates. But all of the parties and candidates have to be “licensed” from the religious establishment. We have a similar de facto situation in America in that to be elected to office a politician must be “licensed” by the corporate collectivists! This process restricts whatever free spirit might exist in the Republican Party and changes the nature completely of the Democratic Party.

The decision making processes of our political institutions are being subverted. The very nature of our democracy is at stake! The modus operandi that places our democracy into a “corporate sandbox” is campaign contributions. Where is our great hero of “hope and change”, Barrack Obama?

Wall Street has enjoyed record profits.  Yet we do not see any of that “trickling down” to the rest of us.

That is because Wall Street has “geographic freedom” to off shore American jobs! And if you think that is bad President Obama is following in Bill Clinton’s footsteps with his own free trade deal called the “Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)! It has been called “NAFTA on steroids”!

The deal is being made in secret. This will empower corporations to sue and over turn American laws.

These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have no loyalty to America and our constitution. The only thing that matters is their ever growing sense of entitlement to extract the wealth and happyness of the American citizenry to serve the needs of the corporation!


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