TPP Is A Dream Act For Cut And Run Capitalists: Obama Is For It

Progressives need to stop making excuses for this wimp Barrack Obama. TPP is a “Dream Act” for corporate persons.  We are witnessing the destruction of America in the service of the 1%! America is becoming a wasteland in terms of hope! Yet Barrack Obama with Hillary Clinton are the fellow travellers of the Republicans in making this happen. Stop making excuses for them and open your eyes Progressives!

Time to up the rhetoric.

You will note my use of right wing lexicon in the service of progressive values. Americans want action figures not wimps. They will even vote against their self interest but not against their self definition as “action figures”.

We Progressives need to up the rhetoric or we will live in the shadow of their “Shining Cassino On The Hill”.

This is not simply about blue collar job off shoring but white collar as well!

Unions which were largely a blue collar phenomena could not stop the off shoring. But they at least made some noise to bring it to the public’s attention. White collar jobs are also being off shored while Barrack Obama preaches the bromide of getting a high tech education! The off shoring of white collar jobs went unnoticed as this area of the economy had few unionized employees compared to our factories.

Obama And Hillary Clinton: Walmarting The Job Market For America’s High Tech Graduates


Yo Obama you WIMP!

Corporations don’t want to pay computer programmers a good salary. They are off shoring our computer  jobs while America’s college students incur increasing debts. While your side kick Hillary Clinton sides with Silicon Valley to increase the amount of H1-b Visas to undermine the wage scale of those high tech jobs that remain.

H1-b visas are not determined by GPA but by corporate need to lower the wages of computer employees.

We do NOT have a shortage of computer programmers but a shortage of programmers who will work at Walmart salaries!

Why should a college kid study a difficult subject like computers if there is no compensation? Then they wonder why ATLAS SHRUGGED! We have heard this talk of a shortage for years. The market that these conservatives love so much could take care of that problem if salaries could find their “natural level”.

Yet conservatives and their fellow travelers like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are for government intervention in the form of increasing the H1-B Visa program to bring in indentured high tech servants! They want to serve their corporate masters in Walmarting the salaries of America’s college graduates.

Ross Perot warned us about this in 1992. He was right! Now it is worse! 

Off shoring is NOT a natural out come. This came about due to Conservative induced “government intervention”. The same Conservative induced “government intervention” that created that hugh “sucking sound” that Ross Perot warned America would happen when NAFTA was passed and it’s follow-ups. Where were the Democrats you ask? The majority were fellow travellers – stop making excuses for them!

High Tech Off Shoring And Outsourcing Is A National Security Issue

The federal government has been hacked while the cut and run capitalists are in Beijing joining  with their “fellow travellers” the Chinese communists, in signing the “Globalization Internationale”.

Yet the bleeding hearts in the GOP and corporate wing of the Democratic Party look the other way and foster this era of licentious permissiveness that values the profits of our social betters over the silent majority!

These are the same people who wrap themselves in the flag (most likely made in China) and who will then force us into an arms race with China they they will profit from. Do not get me wrong. I fear a rising Chinese military.

The issue is why do we even have to get ourselves into that situation when the cut and run capitalists profit from both sides of the tragedy?

America Is Becoming A SHINING CASSINO ON A HILL For The Effete Snobs Of Privilege

The idea of “responsibility” to the nation that gave these “corporate persons” birth, incorporation, protection and profits is pushed aside while they whine for their “entitlement” of tax havens in the Cayman Islands. This hurts America and ethical corporations who invest in America and create real innovations. We need real entrepreneurs who create real innovations. Not the “innovation” of moving jobs offshore to areas that have slave labor. But in this era of licentious permissiveness where the concept of “responsibility” is foreign but off shoring is not real entrepreneurs do not have a chance!

All this while cassino speculation is destroying American jobs, our economy and our climate. We have not restored the barriers between banks and idle speculation. These barriers were built after the disaster of the depression.

Yet these silver tongued sophists of the right talk about “the lessons of history” in their rhetorical lexicon. Democrats by and large have their mouths stuffed with green back$ and cannot answer back except for a few like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Obama gave us only mild protections from cassino bank speculation. Meanwhile Americans see pensions become an extinct species, social security and medicare threatened with austerity! The silent majority is witnessing job compensation ever lowering to the service of the 1% and their Shining Cassino On The Hill that Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the GOP wish to build.

TPP is just another means for the Walmarting of America and building this “Shining Cassino On The Hill” with the lives of middle class Americans being pawns.

Above Senator Bernie Sanders lays out the problem. Fast track has been approved.

First let’s list the terminology  in case you missed it:

  1. TPP = “Trans Pacific Partnership” aka Nafta on Steroids.
  2. TPA = “Trade Promotion Authority” aka “FAST TRACK”.
  3. TAA = “Trade Adjustment Assistance Act” – This law will supposedly help workers who lose their jobs due the coming passage of TPP.
  4. Tort Reform = Removing the ability of lawyers to get settlements for citizens who are injured by Big Pharma, hospitals, doctors or corporations.
  5. TS = This Suck$ aka refers to all of the above and especially to both the Republicans and their fellow traveller Barrack Obama.


Some Quick Talking Points On TPP

Our nation is being destroyed in front of our eyes in the service of corporate collectivism. Individual freedom cannot exist without financial independence. Yet Obama and Hillary Clinton are assisting the Republicans in turning America into a nation of permanent temps working at low wages in the service of our social betters in a nation that revolted in 1776 against aristocracy and gentry!

  • Amazing isn’t it that Republicans who argued years ago they needed more time to “study” the Affordable Care Act are now for voting on TPP without a studied intelligent debate.
  • But then what is even MORE alarming is that Barrack Obama is for both TPP and fast track but would not stand up for Unions in Wisconsin when they needed him. Instead sending a last minute “tweet” of support.
  • Fast Track for TPP but not for “Card Check” that would have revitalized union membership. Yep that’s our beloved champion of “change we can believe in” -Barrack Obama! Then again what would you expect from Barrack Obama who was the 2008 major winner of Goldman Sachs donations.
  • Barrack Obama has stated on MSNBC’s “Hardball; with Chris Matthews” that America’s manufacturing base is NOT coming back! Don’t worry says Obama, we are going to be a nation based on a “service economy“.  You know creating more “exotic investment instruments” to service the needs of the cassino class that gave us the 2008 crash.
  • Amazing that America is to sit by while our manufacturing base is off shored in the service of the “idle cassino class” and we are to then devote our nation to building a service economy that gave us the 2008 crash. Barrack Obama – the wimp has no conception of increasing tariffs or out right banning the flow of capital investments out of America to China. Yet we are to “trust” him on TPP!
  • Republicans, ever the war hawks have no problem with our industrial base being off shored to China. When Perl Harbor occurred we had an industrial base. But now our industrial base and R&D base will be off shored to profit the corporation$.
  • When workers lose jobs and TAA kicks in where will the funding come from in an economy that has even less of a tax base? Don’t worry that’s where Barrack Obama comes in with a “Grand Compromise” that will fund it with reducing Social Security or another FDR program. Thus setting one middle class group against another while the 1% laugh on and profit.


Obama Celebrates Testosterone Free Lifestyle While Middle Class Perishes

Obama counters that TPP will open new markets! 

President Obama: Again YO WIMP!

Who says these American corporations will PRODUCE the goods they sell in these new markets in America? They will sell goods in nation x produced in nation y not the USA. But the 1% will draw the profits then store them off shore to hold us hostage till we lower the rate they are taxed.

Obama says we will have new protections on intellectual property.

So what? Normally I would be for that. But all that means is American corporations can then sell these technologies and it removes an inhibition to even further off shore American blue and white collar jobs! If we do enact protections for intellectual property (and they are enforced) all it means for the average American is that the company we work for has even LESS inhibition to off shore!

Removing the inhibition of feared intellectual property loss = making the world safe for cut and run capitalists to off shore even more!

What Obama can do to restore faith in trade but the wimp will not:

  1. Raise the tariff.
  2. Create a TAA for jobs lost from retaliation of an American rise in tariffs and  the trade war this will cause.
  3. Do not fund this TAA by cuts in other social programs.
  4. Really use the office of the Presidency to campaign night and day for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.
  5. Stand up for individual freedom against the growing corporate collectivism that pits Americans against each other and also against ourselves as employees vs consumers. Raise the rhetoric against the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and the BLEEDING HEARTS who support them.

Dear Reader here is what you can do: