TPP Obama And Hillary Clinton Attack American College Students And Blue Collar Workers

I am a Social Democrat not a Republican. My criticism comes from the left. Watch the video below where President Obama discusses TPP with Chris Matthews. He states that manufacturing jobs are gone for good but we can lead the world in areas where we excel! So what is that area that Barrack Obama thinks we excell in?

The service industry. Oh great more derivative creation. More casino playing with the lives of white and blue collar middle class Americans! Then when the casino crashes we can bail out the banksters as college kids go broke studying for careers that are off shored just like their parent’s blue collar manufacturing job.

Can You Believe This Wimp Obama?

He is willing to strike a “grand bargain” with the Tea Party and under cut Social Security but the idea of balancing the budget by raising the tariff to bring back the manufacturing base is foreign to him as well as to Hillary Clinton our beloved patron of NAFTA and Wall Street!

So as our future gets shipped to China let’s all join our corporate masters and subordinate our individual freedom to the corporate collectivists! As the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS join with their friends in Communist China to sing their new song; “The Globalization Internationale”.

President Obama’s Delusions

Obama talks about the need for high tech education.

Are you kidding Obama? These jobs are being off shored while the students who took the “risk” of following Obama’s advice are screwed with college debt!

Furthermore the progressive magazine “Mother Jones” argues that the H1-b visa program is bringing into our job challenged economy Indian workers at low wages, This is to under cut the remaining high tech jobs remain in America.

So where is “TINSEL LADY” Hillary Clinton? She backs H1-b which Mother Jones says kills the careers of American college grads.


It  does not register with our fearless leader and champion of “change we can believe in” and TINSEL LADY Hillary Clinton the damage they caused blue collar workers nor college students who are up to their ears in student loan debt while seeing their career off shored. According to conservatives along with Obama and Hillary Clinton ,only the investor takes “risks”! Again what about America’s college students who took “risks” by going  into student loan debt and took years of hard work at difficult high tech courses only to find their high tech career off shored?

Dear reader you hear the term “risk” all the time by conservatives and their corporatist friends in the Democratic Party. They argue like Ayn Rand that investors take “risks” and one day Atlas will shrug unless we:

  • look the other way while Walmart jobs are created and real jobs are off shored.
  • See the interest of the corporate collectivists as our interest. What I term “trickle down identity” which is the root of trickle down economics.

The real ATLAS is not Ayn Rand or investors!

The real ATLAS of America’s future are college students who go into student loan debt and take years to study hard courses only to find their job off shored so that their individual freedom can be subjugated to the corporate collectivism of this brave new world. But the attack against individual freedom goes beyond that. To get the few remaining jobs left we have to undergo the indignity of a corporate job interview where we must praise the corporation for their stock performance that is at our expense!

Our intelligence is measured in these interviews by the degree we can subjugate our individual self interest to the corporate collective! Yes this is TRUE FREEDOM – BULL!

But you would think that  Obama and Clinton would not back the H1-b visa program to bring in foreign high tech workers at low salaries to under cut those jobs that remain. You would think they would support a major increase in the tariff to return blue collar jobs! Wrong they are just as much a part of the problem.

Mere corporate smelted tinsel glitter objects.

Sure Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton  are minority members but they have sold out to their corporate masters.



Stop Making Excuses For This Wimp Obama And Corporate Shrill Hillary Clinton

As i pointed out in a prior post, are Progressives so masochistic that we will continue to back corporate minted tinsel glitter objects like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton simply because they are members of a minority group?

Below Senator Bernie Sanders lays it on the line concerning TPP


So what’s it going to be my fellow Progressives?

Close our eyes and put another corporate shrill in the White House like Hillary Clinton or choose a real Progressive like Senator Bernie Sanders?

The legacy of Barrack Obama is that his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle is tricking down to American youth who are again becoming disillusioned. They came out in 2008 only to see their hopes dashed and their student loans sky rocket while their jobs are off shored to join the blue collar jobs of their parents.

Is our purpose in life to subjugate individual freedom to the corporate collectivists?


Both in the primary and as a 3rd party candidate should Hillary Clinton win.

Run Bernie Run!