Trial In NYC – Threat To America Or Threat To Dick Cheney?

After hearing all the right wing whining that America is to weak to place the 9-11 terrorists on trial in New York City I have to wonder is it perhaps that they fear Dick Cheney might be called as a witness and if he were not to comply it could jeopardize the conviction of these terrorists? Dick Cheney seems to do a dance when he talks about national security issues. (See video below).

I have the habit of viewing things from a psychological perspective! I believe Cheney’s attacking of President Obama has the “function” or perhaps the “deliberate purpose” preventing his being called to Congressional hearings. If he were prosecuted then his followers could hold up their hands at the Democrats saying he was being persecuted for attacking Obama.

If the 9-11 terrorists are tried in an American civilian court they could present their prior treatment in Gitmo as a violation of the Geneva Convention and to show high level culpability of the US Government, who better to call as a witness than Dick Cheney! If Cheney were to use the “Executive Privilege” defense to not testify it would open a can of worms in that either the court could find him in contempt and/or he could jeopardize the conviction of the 9-11 terrorists. Either would place the Republicans in extreme hot water!

Meanwhile Dick Cheney’s daughter made hints her father might run for President in 2012! Could this be the Mayan prediction of disaster for the planet come true? – Hmmm. Some commentators have said she might be refering to herself as running for President. Well I hate to break the news to her but if she wants to run for President the Republicans don’t really want a Gay woman to be their candidate!

I just wish the Obama Administration and Congress would investigate Cheney and Bush concerning their leading America into the Iraq War while they abandoned Afghanistan to Opium farming that is financing Al Qaeda!