Trickle Down Identity Meme: Subjugation Of The Middle Class

The issue we face today is not simply “trickle down economics” but rather a virus of the soul called “trickle down identity”. In this post I would like to introduce my readers to a psychological and sociological theory concerning  “memes”! This has enormous implications concerning politics. Sometimes memes are called schema or scripts. I will be making an application of Dr. Jeffrey Young’s schema maintenance theory to politics and society.

Virus Of The Soul: The Trickle Down Identity Meme

I agree completely with the Daily Kos writer who said that “coddling the rich is hurting the middle class”! The poor dears of the 1% have so much insecurity.

That is why I am “so happy” that we Americans will delay our eligibility for Social Security and Medicare beyond 65! We middle class Americans need to know our place and serve the corporate collectivists! -BULL! But that is what we are doing by the choices we have allowed our politicians to make for us!

We have allowed the 1% to alter our values as a society.  We Middle Class American have bought into a  “Life Longevity Gains Tax” rather than raise the Capital Gains Tax on our social betters!

Forcing Americans to wait to receive their full benefits past age 65  is a de facto “Longevity Gains Tax“! We have chosen to have a “Longevity Gains Tax” on working Americans rather than to have an increase in the “capital gains tax” on unearned income! Why? It is due to the success of corporate waged psychological warfare against the American middle class.

We hear the term “Trickle Down Economics” but this is only the tip of the iceberg for a disastrous meme  in our society –

The Trickle Down Identity Meme”!

I worked  four years in the recruiting department of AIG. What I saw confirmed my own personal experiences as a college graduate when going to various job interviews for positions in “corporate America”! When I use the term “corporate America” I do not mean to imply anything “American” about it!

Corporations judge a prospective employee on the individuals ability to subjugate their self interest to the corporate collective! We see this in job interviews and on a macro level where pensions are becoming extinct species as social security is being delayed past 65. All as we build a BRAVE NEW WORLD of necessitous citizens ever dependent on the corporation’s mercy! FDR said “a necessitous person is not a free person”!

Welcome to the golden years of privatized medicare, no pensions and delayed social security as we work as greeters in Walmart! – YES ONLY IN AMERICA!

My aim in this post is to illustrate an unconscious self perpetuating  social dynamic in our society –

The meme of “Trickle Down Identity”! We need to understand both it’s symptoms and how this “meme” does a viral replication and protection of itself in our society!

This has nothing to do with conspiracy Illuminati theories!

Such theorists intuitively realize something is at work here but  falsely attribute it to some nonexistent secret society. No this is just old fashion greed at work with a viral sociological twist! That viral sociological and psychological twist is called a “meme”! It is maintained by the mythologies that are perpetuated in our society. By conditioning “patriotism” to support for the free market this meme is maintained even as the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs, wealth and technology to China! 

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where corporations have taken on the prerogatives of “real persons” and yet seem to believe they have no “responsibilities” only “entitlements” in regard to the nation and society that gave them birth! One example is their “right” to be bailed out after they play casino gambling with our economy! Another example is their off shoring of jobs at slave labor. When the average citizen suffers unemployment as a fruit of their reckless behavior and profits, these corporations feel entitled to slander the unemployed! They do so by discrimination against hiring those who fall into debt due their lack of work! This is Reagan’s glorious shinning city on the hill.

There is an unconscious value internalization in our society that needs to be addressed and brought out into the open! We have internalized certain value statements that as crazy as they sound are ingrained in us.

“Our purpose in life is to serve our social betters!”

“The freedom of my social betters is my freedom!”

“To serve the corporation (ie corporate collective) is the highest ideal of individual freedom!”

When 400 individuals have as much wealth as the bottom 150 million Americans then we need to have a call to reality! My stats are from Robert Reich in an article in the NY Times.

The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

When Americans and especially college graduates go to an employment interview their “intelligence” is measured by how much they can subjugate their self interest to the good of the corporation and it’s share holders! Don’t change what I am stating here. It is perfectly fine for a corporation to hire “team players”! That is not the issue here.

The issue is we have a one sided flow of commitment!

  • Middle class Americans are to not concern themselves with their pay but “How Can I make a “contribution” to the corporation! Imagine if the top 1% where asked to take non-monetary compensation instead.
  • We are to believe that “The needs of the corporate collective are my needs!”
  • Stock holders can maintain a completely non-personal commitment to the “corporate person” but the middle class American is to see the corporation’s well being as his well being!
  • Stockholders can drop their association with the corporation and employee at the whim of a phone call to their broker since “they are not making enough money” while sitting in the comfort of their home! However the middle class American is to not concern themselves with their compensation while toiling at their work to serve our social betters!
  • Share holders can even engage in “day trading” and/or have their shares moved to different corporations on the “instant” basis of an impersonal computer program at their brokerage while middle class Americans are condemned for wanting to “get rich quick”!
  • We are to make believe that the leverage casino gambling that took place and is still going on by our social betters is not get super rich super quick!
  • An employee can be terminated to serve the corporate interest at a whim! At AIG and many corporations entire departments are staffed by full time temps to avoid paying benefits!

With this in the background the middle class American is to base their “identity” on how well we can subjugate our self interest to the self interest of our social betters! The meme of Trickle Down Identity has a protective “schema maintenance” in that it is taboo to even talk about this!

The Class Warfare Against The Middle Class

This meme of “Trickle Down Identity” is so ingrained that to actually speak of ones own self interest is to label one a “communist” which I am not!

However while I believe in a free market it cannot be “free” of responsibility to the nation and society that gave it birth, protection and profit!

The meme of Trickle Down Identity works even in the so called liberally biased news media! The word “socialist” is paired with “totalitarianism”. Yet western and northern Europe flourish under social democratic rule! Only a moron could say they are not democratic nations as they are also members of NATO! Would we be sharing our military secrets with our enemies! Well corporations might!

We live in an era of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS!

Corporations want the rights of person-hood without being American! Middle class Americans see not only their blue collar jobs but their white collar jobs being off shored in the service of our social betters!

If only we middle class Americans would just “know our place” and accept “competitive employment compensation” ie slave labor wages, then our social betters would not be so fearful of keeping “their” operations in America!

The mantra is to be competitive! However we are not to be “competitive” with the self interest of our social betters! Their self interest is our self interest! This is the root of trickle down identity! Just as in feudal Japanese society the “Ki” flows down from the Emperor to the war lords then to the serfs!

We are to internalize and  “identify” as  our needs the needs of our social betters! But our social betters are to have the “freedom” of not being American except when it is to serve their purpose.

This has gone on long enough and it is not just the fault of the Republicans! We need, for now, to just out right ban the movement of “AMERICAN” capital, jobs and technology out of the nation that created these! Corporate “persons” must choose to be either “American” or Internationalist.

Our nation cannot be isolationist but it’s movement of capital must serve the interests of this nation and society that created it. We must ban the corporatist shrills and their anthem of the “Globalization Internationale”! We must purge it from our halls of government!

To stop the viral replication of this meme in our society we need to ban corporate money from our political processes.

When our political processes are free of corporate money then we as a nation can decide what, if any, movement of AMERICAN capital will be permitted off our shores!


Some will argue that we need to give corporations more tax breaks!

However I would argue that these corporate  “persons” should feel the full “rich” spectrum of incentives that real human persons feel. What motivates real persons is not just the gain of money but the avoidance of pain!

  • The pain of income reduction.
  • The pain of no medical care.
  • The pain of loss of one’s home!
  • The pain of little or no free time to enjoy life!

FDR stated that:

“Necessitous men are not free men”! But the corporate class wants to create a nation of necessitous citizens. They call it a “business friendly environment”!

It is bad enough that most Republicans back them. The problem is Democrats are playing liberal inside confines of the “corporate sandbox” so they can get money to run as liberals in the election! That is why I use the term “Trickle Down Identity”! God forbid you should point out the class warfare being waged against the middle class!

Dr. Jeffrey Young, a cognitive therapist, coined the term “schema maintenance”  to describe how a pathological meme perpetuates itself in the life of a human being. If we take his concept of  “schema maintenance” and apply it to the life of a political meme we can witness how the meme of “trickle down identity” uses “schema maintenance”.

A great example is Democrats  “playing liberal” inside the confines of the “corporate sandbox” is part of the schema maintenance of the “Trickle Down Identity Meme”! Democrats may have liberal values but they can only practice these values by not jeopardizing their corporate campaign contributions.

The homeostasis the democratic societal organism is corrupted by this virus of the soul! The meme or schema of “trickle down identity” sets boundaries on individual freedom and our political processes. Most people have heard of “Trickle down economics” but it  is only one manifestation with “trickle down identity” being the core schema!

Our democratic society’s decision making system is undermined by this “schema maintenance” of the Trickle Down Identity Meme!

We need a separation of corporation and state!

Obama and the Democratic Party have not been aggressive in stopping this virus as they have been infected themselves!

This virus of the soul is changing the DNA of our society! It is replicating the meme of trickle down identity into the DNA of our society. From the value of “one person – one vote” to “one dollar – one vote”. We are changing from a democracy to a plutocracy! We identify our needs as the needs of our social better! 

Progressives Need To Launch A Red Meat Rhetorical Campaign!

Notice how this meme brings up resistance in your psyche! I do not hate the rich. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was upper class! What I am trying to bring into awareness is how this “meme” protects itself!

Conservatives will use hatred against Gays, minorities, and the unemployed to draw your attention away from “Trickle Down Identity” and our unconscious acceptance of it.

Barrack Obama’s testosterone free political lifestyle is part of the schema maintenance of this meme! What Obama is doing is undermining the hope for change by his impotency!

The cure is a third party challenge to Obama! I am hopeful Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders will undertake this attack on the meme. Notice how the meme undermined Howard Dean because he screamed enthusiastically in the primary!

Howard Dean’s scream is not acceptable in the internalized values of this meme that we hold via our news media but Barrack Obama’s impotency is! Impotency is schema maintenance!


How The “Trickle Down Identity Meme” Influences Our Judgement

When the President of the United States as our CEO makes only 400K why should a corporate CEO make 22 million?

Those who work by the river get water, while those who do not work by the river still work but have less water. Yet our land needs workers in all it’s fields and the river banks have only so much acreage!

The Progressive Income Tax is just reality saying “hello”! There has to be a balance. Those who work by the river don’t work any harder than those in the outlying fields of employment. We want to reward “innovation” but not when that “innovation” is off shoring for slave labor or casino gambling with our nation’s finances by the leveraging schemes of Wall Street and our social betters.

Just look at how the meme of “Trickle Down Identity” is working behind the scenes today!

  • Do you hate poverty? Then hate the poor they made themselves that way!
  • Do you hate sickness? Then hate the sick! They made themselves that way!  (Be sure to read “The Secret”)
  • Do you fear being the victim of medical malpractice? Then back “tort reform” to stop the victims of medical malpractice from obtaining justice!
  • Do you want to “feel rich”? Then make believe your stock portfolio numbers you into the elites! Practice trickle down identity so that you protect Goldman Sachs in their quest to sell you junk investments which they know are junk!
  • Do you hate “death”? Then make Americans believe the “inheritance tax” is a “death tax”. The reality is that in this land of “equal opportunity” which is the hall mark of “American Exceptionalism”, the inheritance tax is a means to insure equal opportunity! After all we are to be judged by our work not by our ancestors! It is not a “death tax” but an “American Exceptionalism Preservation Tax“!

I wonder who is the more idiotic? The Tea Party morons who seem to generally be lower middle class or the upper middle class folks who do have stock portfolios that they generally created over a life time to only see destroyed by brokers and brokerage houses that sell them junk investments! Then these very same investors rail against regulations to make brokers accountable for selling bonds the brokers knew were junk.

By nature investments are a risk and we do want people to invest. However many upper middle class investors also suffer from “Trickle Down Identity” because they place the “freedom” of the super rich to sell them known junk over their own self interest!

The “meme” of “Trickle Down Identity” is maintained also in this case because some middle class investors think that owning stock makes them one of the top – WRONG!

Many upper middle class Americans saw their portfolios ravaged by the recent economic turn down that was caused by the banksters and their fellow travelers. Innocent upper middle class investors saw their retirement nest eggs damaged as did those on pensions. Yet many still suffer from trickle down identity by believing the crisis was simply a matter of cycles or those nasty liberals upping the deficit.

Trickle down identity even extends to union members! They felt fairly secure over the past few decades compared to many others. They then fall prey to right wing spin. During the Vietnam War many construction workers would beat up medical students because the latter had dovish views.

If you doubt me think of how many union members you know.

Ask yourself how many of these people actually vote for conservatives?

The answer is many if not most!

White collar employees are aware of this as well as non-union blue collar workers. Both resent when many union members commit “class treason” because they feel safe at the time. This further divides the middle class and maintains political impotency. This serves as schema maintenance for the meme of “Trickle Down Identity”!

Progressives have to stop using the label “working man” as referring to only blue collar workers. As I mentioned in other posts it is not only sexist but alienates white collar employees! They work for a living also. Try being a white collar employee after age 40 and without the benefits of a union contract! Age discrimination is rampant in this nation!

White collar employees are also the victims of globalization and off shoring!

When Democrats talk about the “working man” without including woman and white collar employees they are only contributing to the schema maintenance of the “Trickle Down Identity Meme” while the corporatists elites sing their anthem of the “Globalization Internationale”!


We Need To Develop A Middle Class Consciousness

The time has come to develop a “MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS” and to demand our share of the pie. The river’s waters need to be diverted to all the fields in the nation that are worked! We must value our identity and self worth as middle class Americans.

We need to enact President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Second Bill of Rights”! As FDR stated, “Necessitous men are not free men!”

The vile forces of “Organized Money” must be removed from infecting the decision making processes of a free society where the rule is:

“One person – one vote” not “One dollar – one vote”!

We must stop the bleeding of America’s jobs, technology and wealth while our social betters collect a “transfer commission”! Frequently they do this to the enemies of not only Democracy but even capitalism! All the while these effete snobs of privilege sing their “GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE“!

We are producers! This meme must be exposed or our nation and our democracy will be destroyed! This has nothing to do with Illuminati or secret society conspiracies! It has to do with GREED and a meme “Trickle Down Identity” that maintains this blood sucking greed and the parasites that practice it!