Trump Captured The RAGE Many On The Left Felt

As a Progressive, I am deeply saddened by the turn of events. The Democratic Party under both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton simply pooh-poohed the offshoring of America’s blue and white collar jobs.

We were told that under Barrack Obama we could get “change we can believe in!” Instead we got “change corporations can live with”.  I am tired of making excuses for Obama, both Clintons and their embrace of corporate America!

Corporate Collectivism Vs. Individual Freedom

As America lost factory after factory to offshoring, our “social betters” continued their never ending “sense of entitlement” of dividend checks over paychecks. Yet the succesors of FDR refuesed to be Democrats!

It is ridiculous to expect every factory worker to be retrained as a computer programmer.  Even if this expensive undertaking where possible what good is it if:

We as individuals saw our power and lives lost to the corporations and the subjugation of our individual liberty to their collectivism!

Where Is The RAGE?

As I have listed in many posts throughout this website, Barrack Obama has conducted a marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle.

Americans still want:

  1. Change we can believe in.
  2. A president who reflects our “self-image” as action figures not pussies!

I was for Bernie Sanders. I then voted for Jill Stein because  I could never vote for Hillary Clinton when she supported the H1-b visa program that brought in foreign high-tech workers to undermine the careers of American college kids who sunk their money and dreams into a computer career.

Donald Trump captured the rage that Barrack Obama rode in 2008 but was too timid to pursue. (See the video below)

Hillary Clinton did gain the popular vote but she fell in the critical rust belt that cost her the Electoral College. Now it was time for her to learn how many Americans felt when their dreams are shattered.


Hillary Clinton Blames The FBI Rather Than Looking In The Mirror

Hillary Clinton wants us all to join her in a game of playing “make-believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of the donor class”.

In the video below we see why her message did not get across. Perhaps the white sound machines she used to block out her plutocratic speeches were ironical in that they were “her message”!

We had enough of symbol over substance with Barrack Obama. Democrats wanted their jobs and livelihoods protected. Felling “warm and fuzzy” wasn’t going to put bread on the table except at the Clinton’s table.

In order to feel “warm and fuzzy” all over at shattering a glass ceiling we are to:

  1. Forget that until recently she supported both NAFTA and TPP!
  2. It is ok to back Debbie Wasserman – Schultz, the heroine of the payday loan shark industry.
  3. Really believe that an intelligent woman as herself could not realize that an email server in her home was a breach of national security. One has to wonder was there any corruption going on? The issue is the image of this besides the substance.
  4. Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars from George Soros in the primary while we average joes were making small contributions to Bernie Sanders.
  5. She would not release her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts. What was she hiding?
  6. She used white noise machines to block reporters from hearing he talk to her plutocratic donors. Are we supposed to look the other way? – HELL NO!


HA HA HA HA – Yes I am glad I voted for Jill Stein and I don’t give a krap what the consequences are!

Bernie Sanders In 2020! 

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