Trump Fleet Move Is Friendly Act To China

Everyone is attacking President Trump for saying the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and it’s squadron were heading to North Korea when in fact they are heading south.

Trump Does Not Want To Offend China Since They May Help Us?

China is creating artificial islands in the South China Sea to create a claim to large sections of water. They are doing this not because they care about this small rocks but because of the large amounts of OIL that are below the water around these rock islands.

America does not care for this oil but we do care for navigation rights. We have challenged China with small vessels going through these waters.

Even though we do not recognize China’s claim President Trump does NOT want to offend China by sailing our naval fleet right in their faces. Thus he is correctly moving the fleet on a longer path to show respect to a possible future friend – CHINA! We can always send the fleet back through these contested waters but why stick a thumb in China’s eye when they are helping us now?

China claims in South China Sea

If this is Trump’s strategy I say “good move”. I also support confronting North Korea but that is for a different post.