Trump Lies: The Legacy Of Obama’s “Silly Season”

Barrack Obama never stood up to the Republican bullies. Stop making excuses for this guy!

President Obama’s lack of testosterone in standing up to right wing birther lies and death panel myths resulted in the normalization of GOP lies and the muting of the progressive message.

Obama should have called out the news media for allowing the nonsense of “birtherism” and “death panels” to go unchecked? If this happened to Trump he would be screaming “news media biases”!

Below was President Obama’s response to the GOP lies, Republican refusal to vote on nominations and their bullying! Lies became normalized because Obama did not stand up to the bully!

Obama’s pathetic war cry of “MEOW” after the worst economic crisis since the depression cost us the loss of both houses of Congress and now the presidency! Doubt me? Then why is the term “stimulus” a bad word?

It also did not help that Obama, the Clintons and the backbone of the Democratic Party got into bed with the banksters. Their resultant intercourse dreams with their bankster bedmates  became their dream for America!

All while our blue and white collar jobs got off shored in the service of the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their never ending sense of entitlement of dividend check over paycheck!

Yet some wonder why we got Trump for our new President?

Does the high cost of Trump University got you down? Why not take out a payday loan? Just ask our own dear sweet X-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman – Schultz and she can set you up with her loan shark backers.

Here is something to ponder on:

While our dear Debbie Wasserman – Schultz  can make the time to meet with her loan shark backers she could not set up more debates between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton durning the primary!

Are we progressives to just “make believe” that this is acceptable behavior from our party?

Change We Can Believe In“? Not in my book!

Here is a quick list how Barack Obama did not stand up to the bullies in the GOP!

  1. Birtherism and Obama’s response? “Gosh, golly gee cannot we all just get along?” No, you, pathetic wimp, these are Republicans who only care about winning. Just look at the situation now with Russian interference in our elections, and they look the other way as it is against their self-interest! Obama allowed the idiocy of “Birtherism” to go unchecked! Imagine if Democrats said those lies against Trump?
  2. Lies about death panels went unchallenged. It can be argued that it was hard for Obama to see the light! That is because in his first two years his head was buried up Joe Liebermann’s ass so deep he never looked at the world around him.
  3. The word “stimulus” was a bad word in the aftermath of a near depression. This from the successor of FDR! Instead, this pathetic wimp Obama would not even condescend to raise the rhetoric by mounting the bully pulpit to reverse the Bush, Reagan and Kennedy Tax Cuts for the rich. Instead, this WIMP wanted to have a “Grand Compromise.” You wonder why we lost to Trump?
  4. The Fallacy of Trickle Down Economics went uncontested. The “legacy” of this WIMP OBAMA is that Americans now think the issue is how to best implement life killing austerity rather than going back to the good ole days of Dwight Eisenhower when we had a robust progressive income tax of 91%.
  5. Banksters got free passes out of jail. Some got appointed to the Obama Administration! Today you wonder “why” Trump gets away with filling the swamp with these bankster appointments?

Americans want red meat!

Instead, we are made fun of for wanting to keep factories in America. The issue of white-collar offshoring is almost never discussed.

We are a nation without hope! This from the President who called for “change we can believe in”! The issue is NOT because Republicans blocked him.

Obama had two years when Democrats had control of both houses of Congress. Even if he did not see the light then and lost Congress I would still support him IF he mounted the bully pulpit to channel the news media and pound out day and night the progressive message. Obama would not do what Trump is doing today! SCREAMING FOR CHANGE! Yes I realize some of Trump’s “changes” are not what I want.

My point is that Trump will use the bully pulpit while Obama just “meowed” for eight years!

Americans will risk voting against their own “self interest” but NEVER against their own “self-concept”! We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES NOT WIMPS!

It did not have to be this way! Obama was the worst nightmare for FoxNews.

Obama was supposedly armed with skills and traits that FoxNews feared:

  • A fire-breathing liberal (yeah right).
  • Had a progressive agenda (but created a banksters paradise).
  • Had the rhetorical skills to bring that “agenda” about by mounting the bully pulpit day and night. -What we got was two years with his head up Joe Lieberman’s ass and when he pulled his head out all he could say was “meow“!

Trump Is The Legacy From Obama’s Eight Year Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Political Life-Style

Now America is paying the price. The Republicans and Donald Trump have been playing this game so long unchallenged, that it has normalized. The Republicans sense of entitlement in bending facts has now been main-streamed. 

Thank you Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for eight years of never standing up to the lunatics on the right wing and their idiot “news channel”, FOXNEWS!

Oh wow but we liberals showed them! We had a Black guy in the White House and almost broke a glass ceiling with Hillary Clinton. Oh that was soooooo cool!

The karma of choosing bright tin objects over substance!

The legacy of Obama is a pathetic “MEOW” while our jobs got off shored and Hillary Clinton collected campaign funds from Silicon Valley for supporting the H1-b program to undermine those computer jobs that remained. These are the same jobs that displaced blue collar factory workers are to be trained into as replacements for the factories off shored! Yet white collar jobs are being offshored and outsourced at home!

And you wonder why we got Trump?

Lies are a new TRUTH! Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin became the champions of ignorance by spouting death panel lies and birtherism.

Obama then called  this “silly season“! Then the losses in Congress began!

The concept of balancing the budget on the middle class’s back then became normalized with Barack Obama considering a “Grand Compromise“. The idea of raising the progressive income tax back to 91% and dropping the Army Airbourne on the Cayman Islands to recover the bleed assets of America from the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS never occurred to Obama!


Trump Gets Away With Lies: The Legacy of Barrack Obama’s Eight Year Marathon Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Political Lifestyle

Yes, I am enraged that Donald Trump gets away with these lies. The news media cowers in fear. If they object, then they are referred to as the “Liberal News Media.”

It was so refreshing to have Senator Bernie Sanders set the record straight by instead talking about the “corporate newsmedia“. Democrats have become so castrated that the concept of fighting back was not in their worldview.

But unfortunately, Bernie Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

America then was treated to a game of “let’s make believe.”

  • Let’s pretend that a Secretary Of State shouldn’t know that a private email server was a national security breach. Plus it opened her up to accusations of secret collusion between her and foreign heads of state and her charitable fund.
  • Let’s pretend that Trump inviting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton was “only kidding“! Then subsequent hacking of Democratic Party data centers had nothing to do with Russia trying to help Trump! – Right!

This is the level that America has descended to.

I blame:

  1. President Barrack Obama for not standing up to the bullies in the Republican Party!
  2. Most in the Democratic Party for playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of the donor class! They played this game while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS off shored our jobs, technology, and wealth to America’s enemy – China! All this while the BLEEDING HEARTS for our social betters demanded more tax cuts for these parasites at home! This from the party of FDR!

This is the legacy of Barack Obama. It was just too beneath him to mount the bully pulpit. Now you wonder why we got Donald Trump?

Do you think Trump will shirk from mounting the bully – pulpit to advance Republican values? Thank you Barack Obama for being such a pathetic wimp.

Yes, I realize Obama got Osama bin Laden and he does deserve the credit for that. But Obama resigned from his post as Pontifex Maximus of the nation by not using the authority of the Oval Office to capture the news media.

Now in this age of corporate personhood TV ads will be advancing right wing issues and we will literally be paying for those ads via the cost of corporate products. Obama should have used the bully pulpit to push for a constitutional amendment that separates corporation and state. Oh I am so sorry I forgot. That would require some testosterone!

Obama’s Trickle Down Impotency Cost Democrats Both Houses Of Congress

Americans have no respect for someone who does not stand up to the bully. The very thought never even entered Obama’s head.

Let me repeat my point again, imagine Donald Trump being accused of not being a native born American, what would his reaction be? Obama’s? Meeeoooowww!

And dear reader you wonder why Americans choose Trump over Hillary Clinton!

Republicans Were Set To Block Any SCOTUS Nominations By Hillary Clinton If She Won

Why not they got away by not having a vote on Obama’s SCOTUS nomination. Again you think Obama would mount the bully pulpit and accuse the Republicans of being unpatriotic? -meow…Meow….MEOW!

Well, at least we progressives are now FREE of defending the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2020! 

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