Trump Does Not Like Political Incorrectness If It Attacks NY Values

Oh my my Donald Trump lashed out at Senator Ted Cruz for his attacks on NY Values! Actually, I do back Trump on his stand defending NY Values as I am a proud New Yorker.  But I find it hypocritical since according to Donald Trump we are all supposed to be more thick skinned in 21st Century America!

There is an exception to this according to Donald Trump:

You can make fun of other groups because “America” is at stake and we don’t have the time to worry about niceities! But when it is a group that I am a member of then that is wrong to make blanket statements!

NY Values: What Are The Two Types Of People That Come From NY?

I went to college in rural Missouri and loved it. But there was a joke about people from NY that I heard in Missouri. I latter heard the same joke about New Yorkers in South Carolina and Georgia while I was stationed in the Army.

The NY Values joke goes like this:

If you say that you are from NY then you are asked:

“do you have a knife or a gun?” They then say (jokingly)

“Everybody knows there are only two types of people from NY! Muggers and F*ggots! If you don’t have a knife or a gun it kind of narrows it down some – heh?”

That is why Ted Cruz got a laugh when talking about NY Values in his South Carolina speech in the video above!

I am a New Yorker. So I do back Trump on in his defense of NY.  I just wish he would understand that the “urgency” he feels for  his message does not justify being nasty to other groups. Even if he wants to close the border he does not have to use racist language.

Trump could instead back a wall on the Southern border along with amnesty to those already here. Instead, he called them “muggers and rapists,” and he was not joking!   He also charged that Mexico wasn’t sending it’s best to America!

Like DUH! My grandparents came from Italy to America! They were not doctors or technicians! They were DIRT POOR. They came here to make a better life – and they did very well I might add despite severe persecution.

Their story was the same as almost every other immigrant who came to America! They were dirt poor and wanted a better life! Why would their nation of origin send it’s best?

Donald Trump is getting his karma for whining about political correctness. Meanwhile Ted Cruz and his Tea Party friends are getting their just deserts on the false “birther charges” they made on Obama.

Meanwhile President Barrack Obama, who allowed these lunatic right wing nut jobs to walk all over him on the made up charges of birtherism and “death panels,” has finally got some testosterone!

Unfortunately, his testosterone is to advocate for TPP. Not exactly the “change we can believe in” that I voted for in 2008!