Trump And ObamaCare Versus Universal Health Care

ObamaCare did not go far enough. Especially in our nation where the third cause of death is medical treatment not the lack of medical treatment. The first two causes are cancer and heart disease. Yet despite Americans dying from visits to doctors and hospitals due to malpractice, Barack Obama wanted to kiss Republican butts and back “tort reform”. This would have restricted lawsuits against doctors and hospitals.

These lawsuits are the last line of defense a citizen has to defend against America’s third cause of death. Yet the “less regulation = freedom crowd” continues to destroy individual freedom in the service of the corporate collectivists.

The freedom of the corporate collectivists is not the freedom of the individual. Healthcare is another instance of the “trickledown identity meme” whereby conservatives make the silent majority believe their good is the same as the good of the 1% and that they are actually in the 1%. Americans are having a hard time paying for healthcare.

Below Obama toys with the idea of even taking away this last weapon Americans have to protect against the third cause of death in America – our health care industry!

You would think the news media would be alerting us to this danger. That our doctors and hospitals are involved in malpractice to the extent that it is the third largest killer of Americans.  Instead, we worry about ISIS.

Why cannot America provide universal healthcare as does every civilized western democracy? Obama was warned by progressives that since premiums were rising already his new plan would take the blame. I am no fan of ObamaCare.

I have a decent plan via my union. What Obama would call “Cadillac healthcare”. I believe it is what any self-respecting Canadian and European would term “regular healthcare.”

The Freedom Of My Social Betters Is My Freedom – Really?

Republicans and Libertarians talk about “freedom.” Sure I want to choose my doctor. I also want to be able to afford it. I consider my healthcare costs to be part of my employment compensation package, not charity. I have a RIGHT to it. Corporate CEO’s have no problem demanding healthcare despite their multi-millions in earnings.

We in this nation have to get over the idea that healthcare is a privilege or that the rich are doing us a favor! Really? So sitting on your ass collecting a dividend check is the same as earning a paycheck? In accounting tax lexicon it is called “unearned income” as opposed to “earned income“.

Stock owners are not even entrepreneurs who actually build a business. Their rights are akin to those who play the lottery. Yes, the lottery does fund schools and other public works depending on the individual state’s setup of the lottery. But to call these people “producers” is making a lottery gambler a producer. No, their money is the producer not them and frequently it is inherited. Soon computer algorithms can replace these speculators.

The rights of these money changers are akin to those who play the lottery.

Yes, the lottery does fund schools and other public works depending on the individual state’s setup of the lottery. But to call these people “producers” is making a lottery gambler a “producer of schools“. No, the investor’s  money is the producer not the investor and frequently it is inherited. Soon computer algorithms can replace these speculators.

I am NOT against stockholders.

Capital does need to be moved via different enterprises. But the compensation for this has to come behind those who actually “work” for a living. Besides many don’t even do the research to move their funds but rely on stockbrokers.

Every college kid knows that when they go to a job interview they have to pretend the interests of the stockholder are my interests? Really? What loyalty does the stockholder have to the corporaton, while I have to pledge my fealty to the Collectivist Lords of Corporate America?

The loyalty of a stockholder to the corporation is that of a cheap whore doing a $30.00 trick. Moan and groan like it is real love then off and away! The stock holder will disinvest frequently even as a “day trader” yet I am to invest my life work.

I am to read the stockholder report and tell the interviewer “I am impressed”. I am to pledge my fealty and make believe the interest of my social betters is my interest. -HELL NO THIS IS BS!

I did not say we should not be “team players”. The point is they are not loyal to us! Yet my “intelligence” is to be judged by the corporate interviewer as to the degree I can identify my individual interest to be the same as the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE’S INTEREST. That is why I should not burden my social betters with healthcare. Once I get sick I have served my use to these effete snobs of privilege! 

The Mythology Of The Healthcare Marketplace

Again I am not saying ObamaCare is the best solution. Many would point out some problems in the Canadian system. Yet despite all of this the following have some form of Universal HealthCare System or controlled private system (Dutch) :

  1. Canadians
  2. British
  3. French
  4. Germans
  5. Norwegians
  6. Swedes
  7. Danes
  8. Belgians
  9. Luxenburgians
  10. Czechs
  11. Finns
  12. Dutch

Most of the above nations are in NATO and all are Democratic. If their citizens were “suffering” as the right wing media would have you believe then why have these democratic nations maintained their universal healthcare systems?

Below a Republican gets confronted by a CNN reporter for GOP lies concerning the free market and health care.

Some will say that you have to wait long periods to get vital tests.

Hmm, I had an irregular heartbeat some years ago, and my pulse would not come down. I am fine now. But my point is with my “Cadillac health insurance” I still had to wait a month to see a cardiologist. At the time no one knew why my heart was behaving this way.

Some people from the nations listed above do come to America for healthcare. Guess what? Many Americans go offshore for operations as they cannot afford them in the good ole USA. Those that do go offshore are not the poor but middle-class Americans. Universal Healthcare is not a case of the middle class subsidizing the poor. Every working American has a stake in this.

Going offshore to Asia might present a problem as their standards may not be as high as Europe but if you cannot pay for it in America what choice do you have?

Oh yes, this is the FREEDOM that our social betters preach about.

We need reform in America:

  • Universal healthcare and
  • Make our hospitals and doctors safe so we are not killed by them even if we can afford them.

We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

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