Trump University Cost To High: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Has Answer

Do you want to attend Trump University but don’t have the funds? Debbie Wasserman- Shultz has the answer. WHY NOT TAKE OUT A PAYDAY LOAN? That’s right AND you can help DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the process.

  • Forget about those silly cell phone companies that try to get you to sign up with them because they make a contribution to Progressive causes!
  • Now you can let PAYDAY LOAN QUEEN DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ change your life forever.
  • You can enjoy the interest rates that even a Mafia boss would be embarrassed to charge. But that’s ok because our very own Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been working to gut regulations of payday loan lenders. And why not they gave her a contribution!
  • This is so kool. And you will be following in a great tradition because Barack Obama did not have the testosterone to push for the outlawing of usury by the banksters. He just pushed a law that makes the rates somewhat easier to read. That is what is called “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! Just like his refusal to push for jail time for the Banksters.


We Need Bernie Sanders To Run A Third Party

We Progressives MUST have the same determination on the left wing  as the Tea Party has on the right wing. I am tired of supporting corporate Democrats.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, whom I deeply respect, questioned Trump.

Senator Warren asked:

“What kind of person would want the economy to fail and people to lose their homes?”

“What kind of person would PROFIT from the pain of others?


Our very own Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her friends thePAY DAY LOAN SHARKS who  want you to loose your job so they can take you to the cleaner!

But that’s ok with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama because while they take you to the cleaner a small chunk of that can be used to support the Democratic Party! You can have the great satisfiaction of supporting DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the PAYDAY LOAN QUEEN who pushed for laws to protect them. She understands their pain but not yours!

But let’s not forget that champion of the middle class. Our own H1-b Hillary Clinton! 


Yo Hillary Clinton why do we Bernie Sanders supporters even have to ask you to drop Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? She is for PAYDAY LOAN BANKSTERS and you are supposedly a Democrat and on our side?


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is not as senior as Hillary Clinton so she cannot graduate yet to giving Goldman Sachs big paying speeches. Under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s tutorlege she is on the “fast track“. She is on the way as PAY DAY LOAN SHARKS are  a stepping stone for getting PAC contributions and big paying speech fees from GOLDMAN SACHS! “Our Debbie” who fellow Goldman Sachs PAC recipient Barack Obama supports is a Hillary Clinton for the future of the CORPORATIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Psssst this is what is called “Change we can believe in“! No way we need Bernie Sanders no matter what the cost even if Trump wins. If we cannot be as dedicated as the Tea Party then we will live in an America where pensions are like dinosaurs as we live to serve our social betters!

Frankly I don’t really care too much for those who went to Trump University. They wanted to “flip houses” and make a profit by not really producing value for society. I worry more for the poor individuals who flips burgers for a living and pin their hopes on paying for a real college education.

Hillary Clinton: Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA To The Rescue!

Forget about Bill Clinton and Monica.

What I am concerned about is the Clintons and NAFTA! Notice the DOG WHISTLES that Hillary Clinton keeps sending to corporate America! Both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, when discussing off shoring have stated those factories are not coming back!

I am a Social Democrat and I do not support Trump. When he apologizes to Latinos and the other groups he has offended I might take a closer look.

But regardless why is Donald Trump in some respects acting MORE like a REAL DEMOCRAT then our beloved Lady of NAFTA, H1-b Hillary Clinton. Watch this SHORT video below.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama continues his marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle. Bill Clinton was bad enough with NAFTA but Obama wants to give us TPP as his legacy! Hell no!

Why Is “TPP” Not “Tariff” The Only “T” Word Obama And Hillary Clinton Can Say?

We had two years with Democratic Party control of Congress yet Barack Obama would not mount the Bully Pulpit to push the union friendly “card check law“. But Obama could find the testosterone to push for FAST TRACK OF TPP!

But Obama could find the testosterone to push for FAST TRACK OF TPP! The wimp would not even go to Wisconsin when the unions needed him thus breaking his word. Oh wow he sent a WHOLE TWEET of support at the last minute.

This is why we have Donald Trump. Americans want an ACTION FIGURE not a pathetic wimp like Obama who just sat by while the right wing slandered him with contradictory accusations:

  1. Death panel idiocy.
  2. Accusing him of being a foreigner.
  3. Trying to impose Sharia Law while supporting Gays in the military.
  4. Being both a Muslim and an atheist Euro-Social Democrat -wow that must be hard to juggle being both!

Obama is none of the above. He is just a corporatist pathetic testosterone free WIMP.

What gets me is that we Progressives are all supposed to get all worked up defending this WIMP who lost both Houses of Congress. “Those mean nasty Republicans are blocking his nominations Waaaaa!”. Poor baby. But what do you expect to happen when you act like a WIMP to Republicans and take money from Goldman Sachs?

Barack Obama and his ostrich Obama-BOT followers keep their heads in the sand and are clueless as to how the Democratic Party could lose both Houses of Congress.

But President Obama can get up his energy up to support FAST TRACK for TPP. This is supposedly a Democratic Party president. AS mentioned, Barrack Obama also supports PAYDAY LOAN QUEEN Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her good buddy Hillary Clinton!

President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Can You Say The Word “TARIFF”?

Dear reader stop making excuses for these corporatists!

We need Bernie Sanders to go THIRD PARTY. Hillary Clinton and the Obama-BOTS must be purged from the Democratic Party. We must have the same audacity as the Tea Party. Only we are doing it for the left.

The GOAL FOR 2016 If You Are A Progressive

  1. The Democratic Party MUST be purged no matter what the cost even if it means Hillary Clinton looses to Trump
  2. VOTE PROGRESSIVE: Hopefully Bernies Sanders will go 3rd Party. If not VOTE GREEN. Vote for what you believe in not for your fears! Vote to have a choice in 2020 by PURGING the corporate shrills from the Democratic Party.


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  2. […] Trump University Cost To High: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Has Answer […]

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