Trump Welcomes Russian Hacking Of Hillary Clinton Server

Damn imagine if Barrack Obama said that he was cool with Russians hacking a Republican server? If you recall, Trump said Hillary Clinton had to go to jail. But he came to that conclusion, in his own words, after she said something about him. The issue is not national security but Trump’s ego security. I am voting for Jill Stein and the Green Party since Bernie Sanders conceded. Both Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as Obama, are idiots as far as I am concerned. But let’s look at this.

If Hillary Clinton deserves to go to jail it is because of what she did or did not do with her emails. That is the issue not if she insulted Trump. Apparently what ever she did or did not do was ok with Trump until she insulted his ever thin ego.

Donald Trump Is Cool With Self-Serving Russian Hacking But Calls Snowden A Traitor

I am amazed at the flip flops by Conservatives when it serves their interest. Apparently, what is in the interest of Conservatives is supposed to be the definition of our “national interest.” Watch this very short video where Donald Trump discusses Edward Snowden.

Hillary Clinton condemned Donald Trump’s patriotism for his recent call for Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

After all, if she did have secret classified information in those deleted emails do we really want the Russians going through those thousands of emails looking for secret information?

“The Atlantic” lists a question posed by a CNN reporter to Donald Trump.

“When Trump was asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta whether he would call on Vladimir Putin to stay out of U.S. elections, the presidential nominee answered that he would not tell Putin what to do.”

Foreign hacking is ok if it helps “The Donald”. Yet Trump attacks Edward Snowden. But let’s not forget the other clown in this circus!

Hillary H1-b Clinton: Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA And Soon TPP Rides Onto The Scene To Protect America From Foreign Influence In Our Elections

Hillary Clinton knows that it is wrong for a foreign government to interfere with our elections! 

That’s right both Hillary Clinton and her sidekick PAYDAY LOAN QUEEN and future Goldman Sachs speaker Debbie Wasserman Schultz are here to defend the American political process.

No foreign government has the right to interfere in an American election!  That is why we Americans have CORPORATION$ and big money donors! That way Obama, the Clintons and Debbie Wasserman Schultz can all play “make believe liberal inside the confines of the corporate donor class!” While we are all supposed to make excuses for these corproate sell outs! 

See the video below about organized money inside the Democratic Pary.

Stop allowing yourself to be scared of a Trump presidency.Vote GREEN and teach the Democratic Party a lesson. No more selling out to corporate interests.  The fact is I am fed up with corporate shill’s posing as Democrats. I will no longer make excuses for them That is why I am voting GREEN.


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