Why Trump Won: It Was Not Racism

I supported Bernie Sanders and still wish he was my President – Elect. I voted for Jill Stein but would have voted for Donald Trump except for his Archie Bunker lingo. None the less I am very open to our new President.

Some Good Points On The Trump Agenda

  1. He wants to build our national infrastructure. Gosh golly gee I thought Obama wanted to do that! Oh those mean nasty Republicans stopped him? Bull he had two years with the Democrats in control of both Houses of Congress. Problem was he had his head up Joe Lieberman’s ass so far he forgot why he got elected in the first place.
  2. Donald Trump knows how to say the word “Tariff”. If we elected Hillary Clinton we would all be singing Kum-bye-yah while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS would continue their extraction process on the United States. China would grow her economy and pass ours if she has not already. As it stands we may still get shafted by Obama with TPP. Along with his new found friends the establishment Republicans they would love to pass TPP before Trump becomes President. My God the excuses that Democrats will make for the betrayal of Progressive values by Obama.
  3. Trump wants to cut a path that keeps American boys and girls out of harm’s way. We don’t need foreign adventures unless it is in our national interest. Why not try a friendly approach with Russia? We may find the Chinesse to be more of a problem since the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have built that country up to the point that they now threaten us in the China Sea.
  4. This Bernie Sanders Social Democrat does NOT want to “press 1 for English”. God Damn it this is my county learn English or get out! Yes you heard that correct.
  5. Build the God damn wall and make it high. It is NOT racist to support our borders. Every other nation does. Why this GUILT TRIP from the left. Illegal Aliens are NOT rapists and criminals.  They are hard working but still illegal. I would support an amnesty but how many more? That is why I propose building the wall AND give an amnesty.
  6. Donald Trump has called out our system of money in politics as corrupt. The question is do we pass laws to separate corporation and state? The other alternative is to have our future in the hands of benevolent self funding billionaires. I prefer the former.

The Price Of Hillary Clinton Was To High

I never did hear Hillary Clinton say the word “tariff”. Oh wow she would appoint a special trade prosecutor. Even as Obama wants to pass TPP with Senator Chuck Schumer and the GOP.

You want to know why Trump won then listen to this short video and see the difference between him versus the Obama – Clinton axis of free trade.

I am fed up with the marriage of corporation and politics. I find many on the Alt – Right have the same feelings. I was listening to Ann Coulter’s new book on Trump –

Oh my God what is a nice Bernie Sanders boy doing listening to a woman like that? Wow she sounds in many respects like Bernie Sanders.

Many on the Alt – Right are talking about income inequality and the sell out of America by what I call the “CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS”!

Americans are fed up with globalism and with pressing 1 for English in our own homeland. We are fed up with being called “racists” because we refuse to go along for the guilt trip!

I reject calling Mexicans “rapists”. I also reject calling line cutters “undocumented immigrants”. They are decent, hard working illegal aliens! Say what they really are then we can fix the problem.

  1. Build the Fuckin Wall and E-Verify
  2. Grant all those hear AMNESTY and eventual citizenship.
  3. If not then for God’s sake be honest. You really don’t believe we have a right to a national border or laws to govern who can enter our nation.

Do You HONESTLY Want To Understand Trump’s Supporters?

Then imagine being told this!

Those are NOT Lou Dobbs style right wing militia units on our border! No no no no you have it all wrong! They are merely UNDOCUMENTED BORDER PATROL AGENTS! 

You see how you feel like someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes?

That is how many Americans feel when they see LINE JUMPERS and we have to “PRESS 1 for English”. Corporate America imports cheap labor and ships jobs overseas. All while Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and the mainstream of the Republican and Democratic Party undermine us as a nation while the rich get richer.

Liberals Need To Stop Bad Mouthing Immigrants.

People who line jump may be just tying to make their lives better but what about REAL IMMIGRANTS? You know the ones that obey the law. What do you call them? Chumps?

For God’s sake be honest. I do not want to see anyone deported. Yet when will this all end? Sure we may have a reduction for a time but without a wall – a real wall this will go on and on.

Some say it will not work. No you do not want it to work. For God’s sake be honest. That is why Trump is called a “TRUTH TELLER”!

Maybe Hillary Clinton, Wall Street Chuckie Schumer, Barrack Obama plus the Republican establishment should have put some distance between themselves and Wall Street. Instead they backed globalism and America has said NO!

President Obama engaged in a marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle. Americans want an action figure who could deliver “change we can believe in“! Barrack Obama would not mount the bully pulpit. We then lost both Houses of Congress. Obama would not stand up to the bully. He allowed the idiots to wage birtherism and death panel talk. He called it “silly season”. What a wimp! Yes and that from a liberal.

Barrack Obama gave us Donald Trump.

  1. His celebration of testosterone free politics and refusal to be a fighter gave us Donald Trump.
  2. His support of Wall Street and TPP allowed the Alt-Right to steal these issues from Democrats.

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