TrumpCare: Freedom For The Corporations

I am READY FOR BERNIE 2020. TrumpCare has unfortunately been passed by the House. Note Republicans will have no problem using the “nuclear option” in the Senate.

Republicans are not wimps in pushing their agenda like Obama. Democrats had control of both houses of Congress for the first two years of the Obama presidency. Due to Obama having his head up Joe Lieberman’s ass, Democrats never pushed for a “public option”. With Obama’s head so firmly up Joe Leibermann’s ass he never pushed for a nuclear option in the Senate.

Barack Obama Was A Failure At Messaging

We needed a “public option” in ObamaCare. Premiums were rising before ObamaCare and were predicted to continue at a faster rate. But Obama, ever celebrating the “Testosterone Free Political Lifestyle” refused to attack those who would subject individual freedom to the “corporate collectivists.”

How could he?

CNN reported Obama was the darling of Goldman Sachs! The healthcare industry gave him huge amounts of campaign contributions in 2008.

Where did this money come from? It came ultimately from us via higher premiums! Yet Republicans whine about “taxation without representation” and wave their yellow snake flags.

Barack Obama gave these corporations seats at the bargaining table as if these “corporations were people.” Who are these few individuals to be counted as if they were millions?

Oh, I am so sorry I forgot!

These corporate collectivists are not millions but have MILLION$. Collected from us via our premiums. This is called “FREEDOM”.

We Need Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren In 2020

The same folks who contributed to Trump also gave us our dear beloved Lady of NAFTA and TPP. Hillary Clinton lost the College of Electors because she screwed the rust belt. The liberal Huffington Post even exposed Hillary Clinton when she used white noise machines to block the news media from hearing her speech to a private gathering of the 1%.

Then you wonder why we got Trump as president?

In the short video below Bernie Sanders catches Trump praising the health care system of Australia. They have UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE! By the way, why hasn’t the news media caught this Trump snaffo? Could it be that Barack Obama’s testosterone deficiency has infected the news media?

Yes even in the midst of this idiotic Trump presidency, this Bernie-crat will still stick it to Obama and Hillary Clinton for giving Trump the presidency.

Well along with Vladimir Putin. Yet wimpy Obama never stood up to Putin. Obama could have launched a counter-cyber attack. But no he would rather “meow” as he did when standing up to the Republicans with their lies of death panels.

Obama stood by while the lies of “death panels” where shouted by FoxNews. Obama stood by while the “Tea Party” became the role models of “testosterone based politics“.

The Freedom And Joy Of Dying For Our Social Betters

I am just so peachy keen happy that Republicans will get their way. That way I can be “counted” as having healthcare even if I have a large deductible and higher co-payments. What do I care? The bottom line is the bottom line for my social betters!

While Obama and Hillary Clinton would give me some form of HealthCare they would offshore our jobs and tell us that it is our fault. We should have gone to college and learned to program. Yet even these jobs are off-shored and H1-b visa workers are imported to work for high-tech temp agencies at lower pay.

Ah yes, this is FREEDOM.

  • Republicans (with their donors) ¬†will screw with my healthcare but Trump will promise to return factory jobs.
  • Democrats 9and their corporate donors) will give me ObamaCare but offshore my job while telling me it is my fault. When blue collar workers get high-tech jobs they will lose them to the Democrats corporate donors.

I still say screw you Hillary Clinton AND Donald Trump – GO BERNIE GO 2020.