Two Leaders Give Different Christmas Messages

President Man-Child whined that America was losing our sense of Christmas. Below are two short videos that compare the leadership styles of two Western heads of state.

When we think of a “Christmas Message” we think (or at least I think) of invoking the sense of family, home, inclusion and the need to care for more than oneself. All of this in the context of the of adding personal antidotes and invoking the birth of the “Prince of Peace”.  The leader of a nation should invoke all these traits and serve as a symbol of unity and role model as we grow older. I have great respect for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and I wish our President would use Queen Elizabeth II  as a role model.

 The Queen’s Christmas Message Vs. President Donald Trump’s Christmas Message

Below the Queen of the United Kingdom invokes a sense of family, the anchor of home, helping others and the memory of Bethlem. She is also role a model in her subtle humorous way keeping a stiff upper lip as we grow older.

Next, We Have President Trump As He Gives His Christmas Message

He gave this tweet as his Christmas message. Nothing about helping others or being a symbol of unity. Instead, he attacked the news media, CNN in particular with a fake photo of a squashed CNN on his shoe sole. Ah yes, Birther Donny Trump. Our beloved President Man-Child showing that it is all about his hurts and affronts. Both leaders are rich but only one has class and virtue.

President Trump whines he gets no respect from the news media yet he and his fellow travelers at FoxNews lied about Obama and never said they were sorry. These lies included:

  1. Birtherism
  2. Death panels
  3. Obama bugged him

Watch President Man-Child and his short Christmas message below.

This is Birther Donny who says the Russian investigation makes America look bad. No President Man-Child you make America look bad.

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