Ukraine Vs Russia: Bush Vs Obama

I am amazed at the devotion by the West to Russian intervention in Crimea. What about Tibet? Well if we got involved seriously in that issue we would be breaking up the songfest in Beijing! What songfest is that?

Why the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their fellow travelers the Chinese Communists singing the “GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE“! They are doing this while our jobs, technology and security are off shored to America’s rival to benefit the 1% and their grandiose sense of entitlement! Their portfolio security comes before American national security!

These traders and effete snobs of privilege have a never ending sense of “entitlement”!   Thank God we have Barrack Obama as our dear champion of “change we can believe in“! He is going to right this wrong by pushing for TPP! Oh Barrack we Progressives are just not worthy of you!

What would you expect from an African American President who shows more concern for Crimea then for the genocide that took place in Darfur?

Meanwhile Republicans say he wants to impose Sharia Law on America. I guess that is why he opened the door  to Gays in the military because he wants to impose the worst type of Sharia law on America – GAY SHARIA LAW! Oh my God!

Can you believe this lunacy logic that governs America today? I don’t know which is worse. The Republican nut jobs or Obama for being such a wimp for not standing up to them and the corporations!

The founders of our country, who the right wing so often quote, have told us to mind our own business. There is no shortage of wrong doing in the world but we are not the world’s police! We cannot afford the lives or the money.

Ukraine And Russia Would Do Best To Resolve This By Themselves In this post I want to examine:

  • How Obama and Bush contributed to the mess.
  • The right wing’s never ended quest for war.
  • The sage advice by our nations founders to “mind our own God damn business“!


Obama’s Reaction To Putin And The American Right Wing

President Obama has slapped sanctions on the rich oligarchs in Putin’s Russia. I believe this act reveals something very troubling about Barrack Obama and America.

President Obama has in his own mind “punished” Russian President Putin’s controllers and patrons! Really? Maybe Barrack Obama is “projecting” on to Putin his own 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC top winner award. Obama in 2008 was the top recipient from the Goldman Sachs PAC. Could this mean that Obama reasons that “I am going to force Putin’s equivalent of Goldman Sachs to take him into the woodshed”? With this logic the rich control America so the Russian rich must control Putin! 

After all our dear hero of “change we can believe in” has turned out to be a corporate shrill who appointed Wall Street cronies to chief economic positions. As I pointed out these same Banksters could be looking at Ukraine as their next victim. Putin has his own internal forces in Russia but he is not a wimp like Obama.

I believe Obama’s sanctions against Russian oligarchs is a reflection of his own view that America is a “plutocracy”! A plutocracy that Obama has been the willing servant since being in office! Thus in Obama logic since he is owned by the 1% then Putin must respond to his rich when they get hit with sanctions! – Putin may moderate his position but it will not be due to hitting the Russian rich. The reaction of Europe is the crucial factor.

Republicans Blame Obama As Putin’s Enabler

It used to be that when America had a foreign crisis we were all to line up behind our President. Yet Republicans are attacking Obama and blaming his weakness as the “enabling factor” in Putin’s Crimea intervention! Below Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks gives an excellent presentation of Republican hypocrisy.

Let me repeat I don’t know which is more pathetic. 

  1. Republicans undermining our President during a foreign crisis or
  2. Obama once again celebrating his “inner wimp” by not calling the GOP out as being unpatriotic to undermine him while he is dealing with a foreign power! 

If this had been Richard Nixon he would not only question the patriotism of his opponents he would be attacking the news media. On a side note we can all take pride that Sarah Palin is so energized to have Ukraine join the European Union and become one of those Euro-Socialist nations.

Crimea is 60% Russian, 20% Tartar and 20% Ukrainian. The Tartars are pro-Russian. But it still does not account for the fact that 95% voted to join Russia.

The referendum in Crimea was modeled after American elections! 

All voters had to present driver’s licenses with a photo id. It was required to be in the majority language of the citizens. – Russian!  I am only being sarcastic but I find it laughable that we are raising such a stink when we just stood by with Darfur! Maybe we should worry about our own elections and how Republicans are changing the rules to vote along with how the Economic Royalists are using their money without controls to make America a plutocracy. But then again we have a wimp for a President who will not use the bully pulpit. The right wing has no problem being argumentative but Obama is a wimp!

My politics are to the hard left of both Nixon and Obama. But I have to give Nixon credit for defending his position. Nixon gave us the myth of the “liberal news-media” when in effect it is the “corporate news-media”! Obama has been celebrating his inner wimp since taking office! Yeah I know he got Osama. But how about:

  • Usury and the banksters.
  • The bleeding of America by off shoring. No instead he signed another free trade law and is pushing for TPP.
  • He should be demanding a roll back of not only the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan and Kennedy ones also!
  • A real health care reform act with a public option.
  • Nationalizing the banks and bailing out Americans not corporate persons!
  • Why does he not use the bully pulpit. Now we lost the House and most likely will the Senate. The idea of using class warfare rhetoric in an age when FDR’s programs are under attack, is not even on Obama’s radar!

As was mentioned by Cenk Uygur in the video above, George Bush stood by while the Russians intervened in Georgia! Bush even said he looked in to Putin’s eyes and liked him.

But here is something that is not fully discussed. We need Russia to deal with Iran. As mentioned in the video we wasted money in the right wing social engineering experiment in Iraq.

But Republicans hurt our national interest besides the lives lost and the destruction of our national budget.

We had a quasi ally that fought a 7 year war against Iran and hated them more than us. Who was that you ask? Why Saddam Hussein! But George Bush took him out and now we need Putin’s Russia even more to keep the lid on Iran’s nuclear ambitions! By taking out Saddam Hussein we allowed a Shiite regime to replace a Sunni regime in Iraq. The result is that now we are even more dependent on Russia for help against Iran’s nuclear ambitions! We no longer have Sunni Saddam Hussein but a Shiite Iraq which is a friend to Shiite Iran. Was Saddam a bad guy? Sure but the world is full of bad guys.

Now Iran has a friend in Iraq not an enemy. Great work Republicans! To bad we have a wimp for a Democratic President who does not kick Republican butt with this fact. No instead all we get is a pathetic “MEOW” from Obama.

On the privatization front we are now dependent on Russia to get our astronauts home. An American Astronaut just landed in a Soyuz space ship.

But it does not end there. By unleashing the forces of the “free market” we no longer have the ability to launch our own spy satellites. But Russia comes to the rescue!

The right wing and the corporate news media don’t seem to talk about the above to often!


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