Vermont: Single Payer Vs. The Ryan Plan

With all the right wing nonsense going on in Washington DC and Obama leading the charge of the “Castrati Brigade” to make ever more concessions, one hopeful piece of news is that Vermont’s House passed a bill to give that state Universal Health Care under a Single Payer System! We need Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders to challenge Barrack Obama for the Democratic Party nomination in 2012! If Senator Sanders should loose then I would hope he leads a third party to Barrack Obama.

Vermont is showing America the way! Instead we have not just Obama but almost the entire Democratic Party saying “YES WE CAN” to destroying every Progressive goal of the past century! While I am hopeful concerning the development in Vermont I would like to point out that it is unlikely that Vermont’s apparent decision will be duplicated throughout the majority of states!

The reason is simple:

Republicans are very good at playing divide and conquer! Corporations will ship their investments outside of those states that protect their citizens with good health care programs. Their minions in the Tea Party succeeded in changing the national debate from the issue of jobs to cutting the budget!

Where The Hell Is Obama: Is this “Change WE CAN BELIEVE IN?”

If Vermont does indeed enact a single payer health care system they could be inundated with out of state sick people moving to their state. This would destroy their finances as they are a small state. If Republicans like Congressman Ryan get their way then Medicare and Medicade will be weakened to being mere voucher systems to buy private medical insurance! More welfare for the “Corporate Persons” that were created this year by the Supreme Court!

The one thing that would protect Vermont is that it is not Florida! The weather is very cold! At least the hearts of the great people of Vermont are warm! Will our Democratic Party get the guts to jettison Barrack Obama and embrace Senator Bernie Sanders?

My fellow Progressives we must choose between Barrack Obama vs. “Change We Can Believe In”! We need Bernie Sanders For President in 2012!

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