Vice President Biden May Be Right

Well before we all start laughing at Joe Biden and his comments about swine flue, does anyone remember the TB scare we had two years ago! Remember the scare about being in the same plane with someone who had TB? In the current crises concerning the swine flu virus we have been told that airplanes have special “air filters” that can screen out bacteria and viruses! Well a virus is extremely small in comparison to a TB bacteria. Yet there were concerns about people flying in a plane where the issue was not the tiny virus but the much larger bacteria! This does not add up. Below is a clip from the Rachel Maddow Show concerning the then crisis about the passenger on the plane who had TB.

I am a Liberal Democrat but not an PC Orthodox one. I wonder if Rachel Maddow (a fellow liberal) has as much zeal now to attack the CBC now that we have a Democratic Administration.  You will note her strong advocacy for defending America from allowing diseases to cross our open borders! In the above case it was a returning American from Italy. I wonder why that isn’t Anti-Italian? Oh dear I am not being politically correct! Yes dear viewer I am a rabid anti-corporate leftie liberal but I am also for the pursuit of TRUTH no matter where that takes me. Just view some of my posts with my raging attacks against the corporations and the stupidity of George Bush. But I also have posts (hold your breath now) in support of Star Wars at least for the possible defense of the United States.

While the consensus is that the TB scare may have been overblown that would be based on the assumption that corporate America has the American Middle Class best interests at heart! Yeah Right sure! So let’s not go overboard on criticizing Vice President Biden as depected in the humorous, I admit, video below).

Well to end this on a humorous note I know why we have the “swine flu”. This is the judgement of a rightous God against a decadent neo-Socialist America!

Doen’t any one see the connection with God’s punishment of America due to our election of Barrack Obama?

“Pork Barrel Spending” and Democrats “Bringing home the bacon” THEN we get SWINE FLU! Yes indeed the judgment of a “Righteous God”!

The last line actually must be from Sarah Palin’s inner thoughts!