Vote Green And Say NO To Obama’s Apology Of Progressive Values

I found it impossible to post updates here to my site because I resent being caught up in the “Drama of Obama”. Yes even I fell victim to it a month back when I posted an article supporting Obama.

In my previous article  I have retracted my support for Obama and listed some of my reasons. In this article I will continue my arguments  and urge every progressive to vote a straight Green Party ticket.

I am fed up with Barrack Obama and his “celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle”! The voter suppression in Florida was the final straw for me! Obama’s reaction was his classic “meow”.

Obama failed to use the bully pulpit to bring media attention to the Florida situation. Just as he has failed to use the presidential bully pulpit throughout his term in office. Barrack Obama has in effect resigned from office if he intends to continue the Carl Rogers approach of “facilitative leadership”.

How Can Progressives Vote For Obama When He Has Resigned The Presidential Bully Pulpit In An Era Of Corporate Personhood?


Furthermore how we can vote for a Democrat President who is turning his back on the agenda of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Barrack Obama is on an apology tour to conservatives for the progressive agenda. He has been on this mission from the day he took office!

Progressives must face cold facts.

We never had a job stimulus and the results show it. Now the legacy of Obama is that Americans actually believe Keynesian economics does not work!

The vast majority of the Democratic Party office holders are playing “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their monied contributors”!

Unless we deal with the “root cause” which is campaign financing and lobbyists, we will be allowing the destruction of  democracy in America.



That is why I urge you to perform three actions:

  1. Vote for the Green Party or other third party of your choice.
  2. Support the organization called “Rootstrikers” and similar organizations that deal with the single issue of separating corporation and state!
  3. Do not get caught up in the “drama of Obama”. It only makes you miss the real issue which is “the separation of corporation and state”! If that issue is fixed everything else will fall into place.

But didn’t those mean nasty Republicans unfairly attack Obama over the last four years?

Yes they did! Now what did Barrack Obama do about it? He practiced “Dale Carnegie” with fairy dust in his eyes while the Republicans threw steal dust in his eyes by practicing not “Dale Carnegie” but “Andrew Carnegie”!

It was bad enough before the Supreme Court decision on corporate personhood but now even more we need a president who will use the bully pulpit and push for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 2nd Bill of Rights!

If we vote third party aren’t we making it possible for a  Mitt Romney win.

Most likely yes! But if you are not willing to act like the left’s version of the Tea Party then you have been infected by Barrack Obama’s sissy meme! You do realize that Democrats can filibuster? If Obama wins he may push for a “Grand Compromise” by which he will undermine the work of FDR. That is not “change we can believe in”. We survived a Bush Presidency and it resulted in a vibrant left. Obama was the cause of failure!

If you become afraid, then Obama and his corporate friends win. You will be saying “yes” to more off shoring of American jobs  that both he and Clinton allowed. Stop making excuses for Obama. He signed a free trade deal only last year!

If Obama failed on every piece of legislation but used the bully pulpit I would be backing him 100%. But he did not.

Instead Barrack Obama along with most in the Democratic Party have chosen to play make believe progressive inside the corporate sandbox. I refuse to be such a player!

What about you?

A vote for Obama means you are telling the world that we  actually did have a real keynesian stimulus when we never really did. You will contribute to the creation of apathy in younger voters who will believe the system has no way to fix itself.

But we do!

Say no to the Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle by voting for the GREEN PARTY!

  • If Obama wins and then starts to dismantle the work of FDR at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did not support it!
  • If Romney wins then the left will be free to rebuild while we filibuster.


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